Spring Flowers Coloring Page

Spring Flowers Coloring Page

Annuals and Perennials – Kimara Wise

Some friends are just like annuals,
Splashy, bright and fun,
They bring joy into my garden,
Basking in the sun.

But when the days grow shorter,
And the cold winds start to blow,
They do not stand beside me,
In the rain and sleet and snow.

Some friends are like perennials,
Their blossoms more subdued,
They do not crave attention,
They care not if they’re viewed.

No matter what the weather,
They will never leave my side,
Their roots are deep and binding,
They take winter storms in stride.

Though both friends have a purpose,
And I count them all as dear,
I most adore perennials,
That are forever near.

This coloring page is based on our Spring Flowers Applique.

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  1. Would you be willing to make the poem into a coloring page? It’s so pretty, I’d love to hang up an illustrated version of it!

    1. Sure, Katrina. I’ve got several projects ahead, but I’ll try to get it done in the next week or two 🙂 I’m glad you like it. ~Kimara~


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