Stained Glass Hearts

Stained Glass Hearts

Here is a fun and fast little Valentine project to do with the kids… Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts. They are fun to make and will brighten up your window even on a gloomy winter day.

An added bonus, they can help stop kamikaze birds from flying into your window when they get spooked at the feeder. You can of course make these in different shapes throughout the year. Have fun!

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. We used to do this with wax paper and then iron it to make it “seal” and look like a stained glass window. One fun thing to do is make the outside the shape of a fishbowl and then cut out paper fish to go inside – it looks like they are swimming!

    1. I’ve been using contact paper for so many years I forgot about using waxed paper. Thanks for reminding me. Also, I love the fish bowl idea. We will have to give that a try! 

  2. Ooh pretty! And I love that it’s helpful for the birds. Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

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