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I am notorious for losing, oh, let’s call it misplacing, things. My son has a Montblanc pen. He’s had it forever. NEVER give me anything of value unless it is screwed to my person. I go through pens and pencils like they were kleenex. I have no idea what IRead More →

Once you get started making barrette covers, you’ll be addicted! You can sew them by hand or machine. In some cases you can applique before you sew fronts and backs together, in other cases you’ll have to wait until the barrettes are attached. Go wild or just leave them plain, theRead More →

In the realm of “why the heck not?” I’m including a Fried Egg Applique Block, because… you never know when you might need one??? Anyway, since there are eggs all over the place this week, I decided I may as well include one in our FREE Applique Database. If youRead More →

  Last week Tiptoe Mom requested an applique of a beehive, so tah dah, here it is. It is my plan to add at least 1 applique a week to the blog, hopefully building an impressive collection for many different crafters. If there is an applique you would like toRead More →

Over the weekend I finished the second project using a block from The Crooked House Banner. I’m not sure pictures do this justice, but I LOVE IT! This is so me. Green and red are my favorite colors and this tote has such a rich, warm feel to it. Often when I make something,Read More →

  Please Note: Throughout this project you will find many hints. They will help you complete the project.   Important: The pattern pieces DO NOT have a seam allowance included. You MUST add a 1/4” seam allowance BEFORE you cut out the pattern pieces.   Materials: Fabric scraps – 5Read More →

The pattern for turning our 12 1/2" Vine Crooked House Block into a pillow is done and available in FREE Open Patterns. Although I’m using the Vine Crooked House Block to complete this pillow, you could substitute any other block of your design, as long as the finished measurement ofRead More →

This pillow is made using The Vine Crooked House Block, but it can be used with any 12 1/2" center block. This is a pillow cover that is Velcroed together and can be taken off the pillow form for washing purposes. Materials: 1 – 12 1/2" center block (The Vine CrookedRead More →

    Well, it finally happened… I’ve begun to yearn for spring. And, of course, with spring comes flowers! My mind has been meandering through the woods and my gardens. So, after designing the tree stump, I needed to surround it with flowers! While going through various embroidery stitches, IRead More →

  Often when I’m sitting around doodling, I draw cupcakes. (Second only to my old dog, Fred, doodle wise!) I’m not sure if it’s because they are relatively easy to draw, because I’m hungry, or because they are just so darn cute! Anyway, it only makes sense that it wouldRead More →

  Tim’s daughter, Liz, has been busy adding a little pizazz to some of her t-shirts. Smart person that she is, she realized she could buy inexpensive t-shirts, add some appliques, and turn them into totally awesome, one of a kind shirts. She started by using Wee Folk’s Curved HeartRead More →

What could be more fun to carry and better for the environment than this reusable, eco friendly lunch bag! Fashioned after the standard brown paper bags, this lunch bag will hold all the lunch time goodies you’ll be needing! It’s a snap to make, so make a few! A NOTE ABOUTRead More →

  This weekend I designed our Slumbering Owl Applique Block. He was a hoot to make! (Sorry, that had to be said!) He is a little more complex than some of our other appliques because of the detail in the feathers. It’s a little lost in the photo, but theRead More →