The Vine Crooked House Pillow

The Vine Crooked House Pillow

The pattern for turning our 12 1/2" Vine Crooked House Block into a pillow is done and available in FREE Open Patterns. Although I’m using the Vine Crooked House Block to complete this pillow, you could substitute any other block of your design, as long as the finished measurement of the block is 12 1/2". Just a little note… I made this for the girl’s room, but Pixie has called dibs on it already. She refuses to sleep without it and it has become her pillow of choice. I now wish that I didn’t use buttons but instead had embroidered the cat in the window and the center of the flower. Just something you might want to consider if is going to be used for sleeping. Check out the pattern here. Enjoy!



  1. What an absolutely precious corner. It looks like a room a fairy would love to reside in! The pillow is very cute but way over my crafting expertise. But I made the pussy cat and owl bookmarks for my children and they loved them. I’m also working on your basket weave dishcloth. I want to try making the bean bags next. Thanks for an inspiring site.

  2. If I had a girl I’d be all over this. Love the colors and the pillow is so cute! Wonder how DH would feel about a pink room? hehe Very adorable. Just recently found your blog and I’ve been telling all my friends about it. Thanks for an inspiring blog.

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