Crafting Club

  As promised, I completed the pattern and directions for our Puppy Dog Doorstop, Horace. Although I love the Kitty Cat Doorstop, Jasper, I’m a dog person, and this little guy just tickles my fancy! In the directions I included the felt and embroidery floss colors I used, but goRead More →

  Materials: Felt color A Felt color B Embroidery floss color A Embroidery floss color B 2 3/4” buttons with 2 holes for eyes Contrasting embroidery floss for sewing on eyes Stuffing (wool or polyfil) Beans, fish gravel or large grained sand for weighting the bottom Pattern Directions: (All seamsRead More →

November’s Pattern of the Month is now ready! Spoon dolls, as we know them today, probably originated in Colonial America, where resourceful mothers and children, made playthings from available materials. Wooden spoons, a staple in rich and poor families alike, offered a ready made head, and their bodies could beRead More →

Congratulations to Penwith who won October’s WFA Crafting Club Contest. Winners are pulled at random and receive a kit that contains materials to make next month’s project. Penwith will be able to choose between a wizard or queen spoon doll kit.  Thanks to everyone who participated. (Check out the flickr WFA Craft Club pool toRead More →