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I’m a little rag doll, I’ll fill you with delight, We can play all day, I’ll keep you safe at night. This coloring page is based on our Santa’s Workshop Rag Doll Applique The Rag Doll Friends Coloring Page can be found HERE. The Santa’s Workshop Rag Doll Applique canRead More →

I’m a little spinning top, Round and round I twirl. I whistle and I hum, As my colors swirl. This coloring page is based on our Santa’s Workshop Spinning Top Applique The Spinning Top Coloring Page can be found HERE. The Santa’s Workshop Spinning Top Applique can be found HERE. TheRead More →

JAM by Kimara Wise I like jam on crackers, I like jam on toast, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Pleases me the most. I like jam in pudding, I like jam in tea, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Truly pleases me! Our Strawberry Jam Coloring Page is basedRead More →

  ODE TO SPINNING SPIDERS by Kimara Wise There are those that fear the spider, Filling them with dread, But I must sing their praises, For their skills at spinning thread. I could sit for hours With my wheel in front of me, And never spin a silken strand, AsRead More →

BOX OF CRAYONS by Kimara Wise If I could name the crayons Oh what fun it’d be, The names would be extraordinary, Just like you and me! Red would be “Ketchup” Orange “Marmalade” Brown would be “Squishy Mud” And, Purple, “Monster Shade”. Yellow would be “Dandelion” Green “Dragon Scales” BlueRead More →

A BUTTERFLY’S KISS – Kimara Wise I carried a grudge to the garden with me, The flowers’ beauty I failed to see. My mood was dark, my eyes downcast, No thought of the moment, only the past. I silently sat and counted my woes, When a butterfly landed on myRead More →

The Kite – Kimara Wise I wish that I was free to fly, And bid the earth a fond goodbye, And play among the drifting clouds, Far above the gazing crowds. Or travel far with feathered friends, Beyond the scope where vision ends, Where dreams are made with lofty thoughts,Read More →

  It’s Spring! I have yet to see a butterfly in my gardens, but I’ve got butterflies on my brain. The other day I was playing in my journal, and I painted a picture of a butterfly. As is usually the case, I take certain liberties with nature and tendRead More →