Wee Folk Activities

Wee Folk Activities

Most of you know that Michelle home schools her three children. Bug is 6, Fairy is 4 and Pixie is 2. She’s had a very lovely blog over at Natures Way Learning where she shared curriculum ideas, activities and other family happenings. We have decided to more closely link Wee Folk Art with her site, and because of that, she’s done a complete revamp of her site, and has even changed its name to Wee Folk Activities. Although she will still discuss curriculum from time to time, the focus will be the activities the children are directly involved in. Whereas Wee Folk Art’s crafts are mostly geared to parents, Wee Folk Activities will focus on child created crafts and experiences. A perfect example is The Harvest Quilt she blogged about yesterday. I won’t take the time here to tell you about the quilt, but rather send you over to her site! You’ll notice a similar feel between the sites, but it is still uniquely hers.

We will often go back and forth between the blogs, hoping to make Wee Folk a truly family experience. So, head on over to Wee Folk Activities and check out Michelle’s new site. Make sure to say “howdy”!!! 


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  1. On my way over to check out Michelle’s site. The kiddos must love seeing thier work turned into a quilt. Total cuteness.

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