Wee Folk Art Market Place

Wee Folk Art Market Place

Just a reminder that Wee Folk Art Market Place will be open for TWO WEEKS only, beginning August 6 and closing August 20. This will probably be the only time we have the shop open online before Christmas. If there are kits and supplies you would like, make sure to shop early. Also, there will be a few new items offered. Click on the images to read more about the products.





We have a few other kits/supplies that will be offered if we get a chance to get them in the shop before Monday 🙂

Please remember, we have a limited supply of many of our supplies, so if there is something you really want, we encourage you to place your order early. The shop will open at 7:00 a.m. EDT (EST) on August 6. Hope everyone has fun shopping 🙂

Reminder… we are accepting international orders. Sorry to all of our international friends. ( If time and supplies permit, we may have a special sale JUST for international shoppers in the fall. We will keep you posted. 










  1. Putting together my list right now !!!

  2. Any chance the wonderful felt you had in the wand kit will be sold by itself? It was a pleasure to touch and M has big plans for some of your other patterns if we can get hold of some more in various colours!

    1. Yes 🙂 We sell the felt in bundles. They are the colors we have used in our kits. You can see their descriptions HERE.

  3. Hi,

    I’m happy to hear about your shop opening, even for a short time. I’ve been so excited about making a few of your kits that I spent a bunch of time (and money!) finding various suppliers for the various bits and pieces I’ll be needing. There are a few things I’m missing, still, and would love to order from you. My question is, are you willing to ship to Canada when you open this month?

    1. We aren't doing any international orders at this time. They take far more time than our national orders, and with just Michelle and I staffing Wee Folk Art, we just can't keep up. If our orders slow down next week, we might be able include international orders. We will make an announcement if we do. Again, we are so sorry we can't accommodate everyone.

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