One last reminder… Wee Folk Art Market Place will be closing tomorrow, and we are not sure when it will reopen online. If you wantRead More →

As we start looking towards Autumn (I know… how can we do that when it is so summery outside?) we wanted to share a few ofRead More →

Due to many requests, Wee Folk Art Market Place in now open all day, everyday. That way, you can place orders whenever you like. To keep our lives from spinning out of control, weRead More →

Please, take the time to read through our Nitty Gritty about the shop. For all shop related questions please contact us at After all the Market Place info, read about our GIVEAWAY 🙂Read More →

There is a pure joy in running free and dancing, especially with a rainbow of ribbons streaming behind you! Make one or two for all the wee hands in your life. Whether children are dancing to their favorite songs orRead More →

  With the opening of the shop just 1 week away it’s hard to think of anything else! We still have some project packets to share, but we also wanted to highlight someRead More →

Memory games of all types have long been a favorite of children. This version has children matching acorns of the same color. Besides enhancing memory skills, color recognition, counting and sorting abilities, it also encouragesRead More →