Winter Gnome House


  1. Love the animals! Especially the Fox! And the little blue and white gnome-angels. Adorable! 🙂

  2. Now you must show us how to do the animals!

    That is just fabulous. I want a Gnome house like that one, but the expense is a little more than I want. Maybe someday.

    1. waw,i love the gnom house

  3. Oh, how adorable. I love the little lined quilts and the fireplaces a lot. I want to live in there. It looks so cozy.

  4. Looking at your gnome house is kind of like looking at a Pottery Barn Catalog for Gnomes! The beds, the blankets, and afghans. And, your gnome by the camp fire and animals are incredible. And the snow fairies. And, and, and. What future tutorials might we be expecting???

  5. If I could vote on what was my favorite website on the web, you’d win, hands down. It has quality and generosity and creativity, and full of soul! I love the gnome house. The snowflakes are too much but I guess since they have big flakes hanging over their head it is only fair they have little ones of their own. It just doesn’t seem enough to say thank you. You have become my children’s bestfriend since so much of my crafting now comes from your site and they always ask to see your site and never get tired of looking at it. Promise me you’ll never go away 🙂

    Blessings to you and your family


  6. What an amazing Gnome home. I have just entered the world of nature tables (my son is only 1). I’m excited to slowly add animals, gnomes, fairy folk, and decorations! Your home is an inspiration. 🙂 Back to crafting…

  7. Okay, I have to ask… but did you make your own treehouse? If so, do you have any pointers out there for the rest of us? Asking because I really like the look and feel of yours. I especially like the fact he bottom level is large. Most of the ones I see on line do not have a big bottom floor.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Yes, I am very proud of it, too. The trees branches are from a cherry tree in our backyard. The wood was dyed with tea and coffee, and the top level, was dyed with natural walnut dye. (We picked the back walnuts, and I cooked them, and made a stain.) The whole thing is finished with my olive oil and beeswax finish. I tease that you could eat it in a pinch! Tim and I have talked about doing a tutorial on making your own tree house. I would love to get a feel and see how many people might be interested in it. It would be a large undertaking…. probably running for several weeks, so I would only want to go through the trouble if there was a true interest. I thought spring/summer would be a great time to do it since I did much of the work outside. Perhaps would should take a poll to see if others are interested. I’ll talk to Tim about that, too! 

      1. Laughing at making the dye with the black walnuts. We always go to this little town by Grand Lake in Oklahoma. It is an old German settlement and there are black walnuts all over the cemetery. My daughter picked up BAGS full of them… by the time she did that you could have rubbed her hands over the wood for a stain! LOL

        This would be a wonderful tutorial, especially for the spring and summer since more daylight for working outdoors.

        Emma and I have started the gnomes for our home and bought the boxes for the city beds. Next is to go borrow my uncle’s scroll saw for some trees!! We will get there and would rather take my time so Emma will have this to pass on down to her kids.


      2. I would love to see a tutorial on this. What a wonderful gift to a child it would be!

  8. oh, it is amazing, and yes I would love a tutorial. I made a (much)smaller version for my daughter this year for her birthday which I modeled after the magic cabin fairy home, but it was a nightmare for my husband to cut the logs and get the right lengths and angles – it turned out nice, but nothing like this. Guess I need to get my own saw and learn how to do some of my own cutting – I love all the little touches, it is fabulous.

  9. I would absolutely LOVE a tutorial on the gnome house! Have been thinking about making one for my daughter for a couple of years!!! I discovered your site today – I just love love love it! Fantastic! Amazing! Wonderful! Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  10. Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous! I would love to ahve one made for me. Do you make them to sell?

    1. Thanks a lot, Erinn. No, we do not sell the gnome houses. They are quite time intensive, and are basically a labor of love for our loved ones. There are several stores out there that sell them. Bella Luna does sell one very similar to ours. You may want to check it out.

  11. I love your Gnome house! And the whole website too.
    I hope there will be a tutorial for the Gnome house.
    I sometimes saw a house like this in webshops and it was love at first site!
    I am saving branches from my garden bushes already.
    I tell all my crafty friends about this website.
    I hope you will continue for a long time


  12. I would be very interested in a tutorial on how you made the house. I have been tempted to try my hand at making one for quite some time now. Summer would be a great time to start it. Maybe post slightly earlier with supplies. All your ideas are so appreciated!

  13. I’ve just been introduced to your website and I adore it! I hope you do make a tutorial! I am just in love with your gnome tree house and all the hard work and love that has gone into it; especially the imagination it shows that you and your children have had with it. Will look forward to you posting some guidance on how to create this lovely home!

  14. Wow – what a fantastic house. My son got a small clay gnome (Gnomie) some time ago and was thrilled when Santa brought a gnome garden kit for him. He would go crazy if he saw your tree house. I stumbled across your site looking for a house for Gnomie. I will keep checking in hopes that you decide to post a tuitorial. Thanks for sharing your talents.

    1. Very honestly and realistically, it probably won’t be until the summer of 2012 when we make another for our Little Lady. We will give it to her for her second birthday October 2012.

  15. Hi! I am in love with your gnome home! I’ve been looking at your site for some time now and really want to attempt making the gnome home. I was wondering, how did you attach the branch supports between each level of the home? Did you just glue them or did you have to drill a hole out so that it was resessed a little then glue them in the hole? And what kind of wood did you use for the main levels? Christmas is approaching and I would love to make this for my kiddos! It looks like so much fun! I love your site!!!!

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