Shop :: Hours Update

Shop :: Hours Update

Due to many requests, Wee Folk Art Market Place in now open all day, everyday. That way, you can place orders whenever you like.

To keep our lives from spinning out of control, we will only ship twice a week. 

We are now accepting international orders. For everyone outside of the US, please make sure to read about our SHIPPING POLICY before you place an order.

If you have any questions concerning the shop please contact us:

Remember, we are still in “beta mode” and we will be trying out different things to find out what works the best. PLEASE be patient with us 🙂   



  1. I just stumbled across your web site and I am in love with it….I love hand sewing and anything miniature….the little gnomes are adorable.

    1. Kimara

      So glad you happened upon us! We totally LOVE what we do and it is awesome when we find people that are like minded. Hope you stop by often and make yourself right at home. If you have a Facebook account make sure to follow us there, too. We share a lot of other people’s work that we love, too.




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