Wooden Christmas Blocks

Wooden Christmas Blocks

I was hoping to get more “words” done today, but alas, I didn’t. Tim cut out and sanded a stack of blocks for me… enough to write a novel if I’m so inclined 🙂 I did get a chance to write up the instructions. They are very easy to make and this is a craft you can definitely do with the kids. When thinking of gift giving, you don’t need to be limited to the Holidays. Think of doing children’s names for their rooms, or a word of encouragement for a co-worker’s desk. OR perhaps the season names for your nature table. Whatever you decide, this was a fun and fast craft. The instructions for the Wooden Christmas Blocks can be found HERE or with our FREE patterns. Enjoy!



  1. I love the set up with the trees and birds. I need to get going on my cut outs, I plan on making something I made years ago, as gifts for some of my friends. So, time to get cutting and painting.


  2. These are wonderful. I just made some of these for Kaboose.com for Thanksgiving. They don’t have them posted yet, but they say “GIVE THANKS”. So easy and they look great!

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