Advent Tree Kit Giveaway!!!

EDIT: The Giveaway is Closed. Thanks to everyone that entered!

My Busha use to say, “If you haven’t gotten half your day’s work done by 10:30 a.m., you’ll never get it all done.” Well, it’s 10:30 folks, in a metaphorical Christmasy kind of way. So, we are doing an early Christmas Giveaway BECAUSE, you simply can’t wait to the day before Christmas to make an Advent Calendar!

Our Advent Tree is yet another variation of our basic Christmas Tree Applique Block. The pattern has been enlarged 325%… sounds crazy, right? Why 325%? I guess that is some industry standard, but there will be more discussion about that in our directions. For the time being suffice to say, the finished Advent Tree is 24″ x 28″. There are painted wood buttons that meander up the tree. A wool felt star moves its way up the buttons on the tree to count-down the days to Christmas.

NOW… about the Giveaway. We are beyond excited that we are partnering with the awesome folks over at PRAIRIE POINT JUNCTION on the Giveaway. They have graciously provided 2 kits for us to Giveaway. Totally, generous, right? We certainly think so! AND, Julie, at Prairie Point Junction, has put together kits to make additional Advent Trees and a has a lovely little surprise. But more on that in a minute.

There are several ways to enter this Giveaway:
1] Post a comment here (be sure to fill in your name… nicknames are fine).
2] Link to us through your blog, FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Post additional comments (one for each link). Make sure to include linking info.
3] Then, head over to Prairie Point Junction, visit their blog, and leave a big, juicy THANK YOU to Julie and her crew, then run back here and tell us you did, and yep, another chance to win!

The contest will run from today, Wednesday, November 4 through Tuesday, November 10, at 9:00 p.m. EST when 2 lucky winners will be chosen at random. After the winners are announced, the directions for the Advent Tree will be available online.

Additionally… if it is possible you haven’t been to Prairie Point Junction yet, it’s high time you did! Since I discovered them over a year ago, they have been my primary supplier of felt and other supplies. Here’s a little bit more about them PLUS yet another kind offer.

Julie at Prairie Point Junction, home of , has put together a kit with the supplies you’ll need to make your own Advent Tree. Wool Felt Central stocks 78 colors of National Nonwoven’s Wool Felt for all your crafting needs. They also have a wide selection of patterns for penny rugs, pillows, ornaments, faux foods, and anything you can imagine. Wee Folk Art readers can take advantage of a special offer – use coupon code FOLKARTTREE to take 20% off any regular priced order placed through December 26th.

Good luck to one and all. We consider ourselves blessed to have made so many wonderful friends here at Wee Folk Art, and this is our way of sending some Peace, Joy and Love your way this Christmas Season!

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  1. Bronwen says

    I would love to try my hand at this. I recently started sewing using your designs and stitch glossary, and it’s lit a fire inside of me. I’ve been sewing Christmas gifts like crazy. This kit would just be the cherry on the top for me. Thanks!

  2. Tina says

    I would love to win this! You have such great ideas on your blog — I check it daily!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. says

    You bet! I all ready bought the cheap-old chocolate calendars for the teens (some traditions can’t be stopped) and they NEVER share.

    You know I’ll be back to enter again after I’ve checked out PPJ and talked you up on my blog! :)
    Oh and I’ll mention you once again on my FB status too.

  4. TMac says

    I’ve been meaning to make an advent calendar with individual felt ornaments. Until I get the time to make that version, I love this cute and simple option!

  5. says

    How have I never been to Wool Felt Central?! Thanks for introducing us.
    My parents still have my childhood felt tree Advent calendar that they put together as a kit some time in the early ’80s (acrylic felt with plastic sticker-ed “ornaments”) I’d love to have this finer version for my own home… which is not to say I don’t love to put on those little velcro ornaments when I’m visiting the folks before the holidays!

  6. Jean says

    This is adorable…headed over now to post a comment at PPJ and a link to you on my facebook..then I will be back ..thanks for the giveaway…cute blog you have here!!

  7. Jean says

    I am back..have posted my thank you at PPJ and linked you on my twitter and facebook accounts.

    Have enjoyed looking at your blog and the PPJ blog too..

  8. coolskoolmom says

    That is a very cute design for an Advent calendar. I really need to invest in a real one instead of the Trader Joe’s chocolate one that I get for each of my kids every year.

  9. Kymmy Hoffmann says

    Just gorgeous. What a clever idea! I am totally anti-chocolate advent calendar and my old quilted one has seen better days, I just love this idea. You are so clever.

  10. Kymmy Hoffmann says

    Just been over to Prairie Point Junction and left blog love and thanks. So much inspiration from both of you, I could burst! I LOVE CHRISTMAS :)

  11. Lora says

    I have been trying to design my own advent calendar to make for my boys but I’m afraid that I’m not very good. I NEED this kit!
    Thanks for the opportunity. =)

  12. says

    Wanted to let you know that I posted a button to my blog that hopefully will take some new people back to you…..This is an swesome site and I know some of my friends will be visiting.


  13. says

    I just went over to PPJ and they have the cutest ornaments. And I have to tell eveyone that I have purchased wool from them a few times and they are truly one of the best wool suppliers that I have bought from. No affilitaion just a satisfied customer.
    I did thank them for partnering up with you and wanted to let you know..


  14. S.C. says

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. And for such lovely inspiration,I’ll have to make one if we don’t win. My 4 year old is in love (as I am) with the Wee Folks site.

  15. Hillary says

    This is beautiful. I came over from Prairie Point Junction. I love your site and can’t believe I have never been here before. Your work is truly inspiring. This Advent Tree is gorgeous. I don’t like the overly fussy ones. The simplicity is perfect. Thank for for the chance to win. It truly is a generous offer.

  16. Hillary says

    I feel like a pingpong ball, hehe. Just went back to Prairie Point and left a thank you. I also thanked them for introducing me to you. I am off to put together a list of things I’d like to make from your site for Christmas gifts. Thanks again for my chance to win.

  17. Jennifer Park says

    I absolutely love this! The question is–would I keep it for us (my girls actually already have an advent calendar) or would I make it and give it to someone???

  18. Jennifer Park says

    Just got back from Prairie Point Junction–what a great site! I’ll definitely be ordering my next round of felt from them.

  19. bethvollmom says

    This sure beats that yuccky imitation chocolate countdown! Less calories, too! Thanks for all you offer from a regular visitor.

  20. says

    I love the idea of the buttons and the star climbing up – pure genius! I most certainly shall be making one, or two for presents this season. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    I am in a Yahoo Group on wool (just a beginner, mind you) and they posted the link there – your site is a real joy to visit.

  21. says

    I just paid a visit and left a comment at the Prairie Point Junction and am in a hurry to tell you that. Yes, I want to win!

    Left you a comment a moment ago, just can’t see it – I hope it will publish. Anyway, I’ll be back (put you in my GR) to check and resubmit, should it have gone pear-shaped.

  22. Arlette says

    I just felt for the cute tree, please count me in your giveaway. I’d love to win it!, I promise to do the other steps later on, but first I’d like to catch a branch from the tree at least, lol it caught me for sure!, thank you for the chance

  23. Anne says

    I just am getting into using felt as a medium and am so excited for decorating w/ homemade felt goodies! Your advent calender is perfect!

  24. Jo Marcellino says

    Thank you so much. You guys are so sweet and generous. Left a comment over at Julie’s also thanking her.

  25. says

    Hope all my blogging friends come to visit…although, if they stay away that increases MY chances to win. Still, hard not to share a fun offer. :)

  26. says

    Just went a saw PPJ and gave them a thank you! Ooh! Another cool blog to follow! THANK YOU for that most of all. Looks like I’m all ready a winner, just for reading! :)

  27. says

    I am truly enjoying your site, and what a generous giveaway! I have posted about your site, your giveaway and the Handmade Holidays 2009. Thanks for such a great site!

  28. says

    I ran right back over to Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop, which is how I ended up here in the first place! I have blogged about both of you this morning. What a great team you are! Thanks so much!

  29. Shannon Clery says

    Just found your site, thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas. We made a little felt bird from your patterns already and can’t wait to try more. Thank you SO much for sharing.

    I would be thrilled to get this calendar for my 2 and 4 year old boys and just might make one if I don’t win!

  30. Juanita D. says

    This was my first visit to PPJ, also. I haven’t tried felting yet, but I think you all are getting me interested in trying it. :) My name on the PPJ blog is catmama7801.

  31. says

    He visitado el blog , he dado las gracias a la amiga por su aporte al concurso.
    Me parece interesante el desafio que propone, intentaré terminar algun trabajo para participar, lamentablemente estamos sobre la fecha de entrega, veré.

  32. Gean says

    I would love to make this kit for my grandchild who will be 2 in March, the reason I say this is I made an advent tree many years ago with felt and sequins and many pockets of ornaments in each one, my adult kids now have to have this up every Christmas. Thanks for your pattern and have agreat Christmas.

    • Hennie says

      This is an amazing giveaway, thank you also for the introduction to PPJ.

      Having made some of your creations already, can’t wait for the pattern for this one too,
      All the best for the future

  33. Becky Grundei says

    What a great giveaway,very generous offer! I’m glad I saw this today, i havent been around this site all week. Becky

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