EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating :)

Yesterday, Sarah Baldwin, Waldorf educator and owner of Bella Luna Toys, shared some thoughts on the importance of Artistic Expression in the life of a family. Today, we are sharing a wonderful give away with our readers through the generosity of Sarah.

The Give Away includes: 

1 Crayon Pouch by mosey handmade, in the winner’s choice of either the Moon & Stars or Floral style

1 Set of 8 Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons AND
1 Set of 16 Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons

1 Copy of Coloring With Block Crayons by Sieglinde de Francesca

Value: $99.00

Isn’t this totally awesome? (Far out, even!) Michelle and I are so excited to be able to share this with our readers. Naturally, everyone is welcome to enter, and all you need to do is thank Sarah for her tremendous generosity, and tell us which style Crayon Pouch you will choose if you are our lucky winner! Fun, right? And just ’cause we like to do this, how about a second chance to win? Just head over to BellaLuna’s beautiful on-line shop, poke around, and revel in its warmth and charm. Then, come back here, leave a second comment and tell us which ONE art supply you would most like for your family. (Personally, I would like the Artemis Plant Color Modeling Beeswax!)  

So there you have it! (Told you it would be spectacular!) The Give Away runs from today, Wednesday, March 9, through Sunday, March 13, at 9:00 p.m. EST. One lucky winner’s name will be drawn at random, and announced on Monday. Then simply email us your snail mail address, and Sarah will mail you your prize lickety split! (NOTE: Winner has 1 week to contact us or a new winner will be drawn.)

Good luck to one and all. And THANK YOU, Sarah. As always, you are a gem!

BTW… Besides visiting Bella Luna Toys regularly, make sure to visit Sarah’s blog Moon Child :)

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  1. Hannah Rubenstahl says

    Our family would TOTALLY love the Herbal Adventure Board Game! But all of the toys look AMAZING!

    • Stephanie D says

      Thank you for this great giveaway, Sarah! I think our family would love the floral crayon pouch. It is perfect for Spring!

  2. says

    What a wonderful present… thanks for this and for sharing, Sarah, Kimara and Michelle…

    I would love the stars and moon crayon pouch.

    I made one similar a few years ago for our Lyra and it has been useful and used many times since then. I never though of doing one for the blocks and stick crayons.

    I will cross the fingers to be the winner… who knows… :-)

  3. Liv says

    Many thanks Sarah for this giveaway! I’d choose the floral roll up. Can’t resist anything Spring like these days!

  4. Liv @ says

    I am a regular drooler over at Sarah’s website. My visit there just now reminded me how much I’d love a nice set of colored pencils for my kiddos (and myself!). Thanks again!

  5. says

    I’m just coming back from Sarah’s website…
    Although there are many things I love there – and several of them we already have – my attention was captured by the ‘Main Dory rocking boat’ ! I had never seen something like that before. I think it’s really original and I’m sure children must love it!

  6. Samantha de Leca says

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway! I homeschool my 3 children and we would really love these amazing crayons! If I were to win, I would love the stars and moon bag! Love Sam

  7. Sabine says

    thank you for this great giveaway…
    my daughter’s name is ‘sterre’ which means ‘star’, so i would chose the moon & stars pouch (of course!)
    she has no pouch of her own and shares one with her big brother, she would be so happy if we win…

  8. mamasusu says

    Such a generous giveaway.
    I love the moon and stars pouch! It’s simply adorable and full of whimsy!
    joy and peace to you!

  9. says

    This is a fabulous giveaway!!!!! I cannot believe it. I just showed it to my daughter and she just oooh and ahhhed over the Moon and Stars holder.

    What a wonderful giveaway.. many thanks Sarah!!


  10. says

    I’m with you on the beeswax. I loved modeling with that stuff as a kid and am so looking forward to playing with it with my daughter. Thanks for the give-away.

  11. mamasusu says

    well, really, i love every single one, but like you, i think I would go for the plant color modeling beeswax, too! I have four very busy, very creative, very imaginative and fun homeschooled little ones who would just eat that stuff up (not literally!).
    again, thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  12. Kathy W. says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! If I’m fortunate enough to win, I am sure my child would love the moon and stars style.

  13. Kathy W. says

    The Lyra Color Giants pencils would be a great addition to our art supplies — we love those pencils and have a few, but the set of 12 looks fantastic.

  14. says

    Definitely the modeling beeswax here too. It is something I have been wanting to try with my son for a while and just haven’t had the money or opportunity to purchase some.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Joann Bloxsom says

    Oh dear, what a beautiful art roll. The stars and moon pouch would be great for my 2 year old (who loves planets) as well as my 7 year old (who is amazed by black holes).

  16. says

    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway! If I were lucky enough, I think I’d pick the moon and stars for my boys. I think the flowers are gorgeous, though. (:

  17. says

    Ooooh. I think I’d go with the Waldorf Paint Jar Holder. My two oldest boys are forever sliding jars around the table. After a few spills onto the floor I’ve resorted to using an old ice cube tray. It works, it’s just not as pretty. (:

  18. Guest says

    Awesome giveaway! I had a very artistic 4 year old who would love this crayon pouch. I’d also love to try the Stockmar watercolors, especially with the Waldorf paint holder. Fantastic quality.

  19. Chiska says

    Thank you! What a wonderful give-away! I need to add a thank you too for the materials list you gave yesterday. We would love the moon and stars.

  20. Plover says

    What a lovely giveaway! The moon and stars holder is beautiful, and I would love to try the stockmar modeling clay.

  21. says

    oh goodness, yes, thank you Sara!

    we have just started playing with crayons here, and i think this would be a wonderful addition to our supplies!

    i definitely would like the moon and stars design please!

  22. says

    i think the one art supply i would really want for us would be a set of watercolor paints.

    we haven’t stared painting yet, but it think my son would really enjoy the play of the liquid colors.

  23. Sarakenobi says

    GOSH, I’ve become obsessed with higher quality kid’s art supplies now that my son can handle them (as long as I keep them out of the toddler’s grasp) but these look so much sturdier. I have Bella Luna bookmarked for Christmas presents!

  24. Guest says

    I would love to have the beautiful moons and stars crayon pouch to be able to give to my very beautiful son.

  25. Glenda says

    I love the watercolors! I am so tired of buying what I can find locally that even if I don’t win anything, I’ll be buying these for my granddaughter who loves to paint with watercolors. Thanks for the great give-away!

  26. Chiska says

    So hard to narrow it down to one art supply! However, the liquid water colors are something I would like to try.

  27. Krista says

    WOW what an amazing giveaway! My daughter would be set for a long time with those high quality art supplies! That moon and stars pouch is so needed in our home.. we have random things all over which could be neatly corralled in a beautiful pouch!

  28. Pracades says

    What a beautiful give away! Sign me up please! Both crayon holders are lovely, but I think my kiddos would enjoy the moon and stars. Thank you Sarah!

  29. Flower says

    What an amazing giveaway! My little daughter would love to have this wonderful set. She loves coloring. This is perfect gift for her. Thank you so much.

  30. Guest says

    I also love the Artemis Plant colour modelling beeswax. So excited for spring and the inspiration it brings!

  31. Sally Stanley says

    What a wonderful and generous giveaway!!! Beautiful crayon pouch!! I have looked for years for natural egg color dye for Easter. The natural egg dye kit would definitely be on our artsy want list!! Love all Sarah’s items!!

  32. Nicole Kleemann says

    My children would love the eco art pads drawing paper and the stockmar block crayons.
    This is a fabulous and kind give away. Even if we are not chosen, I will probably get the roll and crayons anyway- or make a roll myself! !

    Always ~ Nicole

  33. Bev says

    I teach first grade in a public school but incorportate waldorf whenever possible. I’d love to have that book! What a great new art technique to share with my class!!

  34. Susan Wirtjes says

    Thank you so much! My grandchildren would love the stars and moon crayon pouch! My 2 year old granddaughter uses the chunky, block crayons when she colors at her little table.

  35. Amber Broda says

    I think I would put Lyra Super Ferby Pencils at the top off our want list. My little ones love colored pencils and we’ve nearly used up our previous batch.

  36. Megan C says

    We would choose the Moon and Stars – how adorable! LOVE it!

    And thanks, Sarah, for sponsoring the giveaway :)

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  37. Araminta says

    I would love to get the Mama K’s aromatic play clay. There is a precious two year old in my life with whom making art has become an equally precious time for us to bond. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  38. Megan C says

    Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay would be a supply I’d want for my family.

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  39. maxanyamom says

    A fabulous giveaway. I love Bella Luna Toys. Sarah Baldwin is an inspiration. It was through her that I found Wee Folk Art, and I love you, too, now! If I am lucky enough to win, I would choose the Moon & Stars crayon pouch. Now…over to Bella Luna to see if I can select just 1 more art supply for my ‘wish list.’ It’s going to be a tough choice!

  40. L Stowe says

    Oh my, what a wonderful tote! My children would be delighted… the unrolling would be just as fun as the coloring :D.

    I think the crayon rocks would be perfect for my youngest. She is very into stones and such- it would be fun to watch her create with those.

  41. Susan Wirtjes says

    I’d love to have the watercolor paper and paints! I am amazed at how a little hand can transform paper into artwork with a few random brush strokes!

  42. L Stowe says

    Thank you so much Sarah, at Bella Luna, for your gift. Someone will be very lucky to receive it. Now many of us have noticed the lovelies in your store and are all secretly drooling over them!

    If I happen to be the luck of the draw we’d appreciate the flower pouch. Kindly, Lisa

  43. Jodi says

    Sorry my last comment appeared twice, it said the captcha wasn’t typed in right. I don’t know why it appeared twice!

    Anyway, the supply I’d like for my kids is the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax.

  44. maxanyamom says

    There are so many good things to choose from at Bella Luna! It was a tough choice, but I think I would choose the Painting Board. Thanks again for the terrific interview with Sarah on artistic expression. It is inspirational and motivational!

  45. Dulcie says

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway. The shop is not only beautiful but extremely useful. I enjoy Sarah’s book Nurturing Children and Families. As a preschool teacher at a cooperative I refer to this book often. It was recommended by an old friend who appreciates beautiful things. The blog is also very helpful. Each time I visit I receive important reminders about children and life. My boys are 7 and 11. We make art whenever possible. I would love to win!

  46. Jackie Watson Davis says

    My 5 year old would be in heaven with all this wonderful coloring stuff!! She love to color and she is so creative. Thank you!!1

  47. Brandy says

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much! My son is smack in the middle of an art and drawing phase. He would love the moon pouch, we go out and look at the moon nearly every night. I would be very excited for us to all learn more about using the color blocks – they look awesome! Thanks again!

  48. Kristin Heron says

    If we had to choose one thing from her beautiful website, it would be the Artemis plant-colored beeswax!

  49. Loreli says

    I would love to see the moon and stars for my little one! This is an amazing give away and THANK YOU not just for the give away but for some AMAZING blogs, projects and toys.

  50. Linda B says

    We are new to the world of Waldorf, but are reveling in all the wonderful things it has to offer, especially the art aspect. We are saving up now for some Stockmar Modeling Beeswax, which I saw on the Bella Luna site.

  51. says

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to get crayons like these for my youngest child for a while now! Everything is so lovely. I think we would like the floral crayon holder. Thanks again!

  52. Linda B says

    My children would love the star and moon crayon roll! It’s perfect for a little boy and his little sister to share (I hope)!

  53. Loreli says

    Of I really had to pick one art supplies, I would go with the beeswax modeling clay. It’s too unique to NOT want. it would be interesting to see how it works with my little one.

    PS, thank you for such amazing things!

  54. says

    Bella Luna has such great art supplies… it’s difficult to choose! I think my older kids would really enoy a set of the Lyra Super Ferby Pencils, the triangular shape is great for little hands! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  55. Lauren says

    What an awesome giveaway, thank you! My children would love the flower roll-up. Thank so much for an awesome blog and inspiring projects!

  56. Lauren says

    After visiting the Bella Luna store, I’d have to say, that my favorite art supply would also be the Artemis Plant Color Modeling Beeswax. I think I may have to purchase some for my son’s Easter basket! Thanks again!

  57. Mamajess says

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It is so hard to choose :/ But I think I would choose the beautiful modeling beeswax.

  58. Kristina says

    We would be so fortunate to receive the flower crayon roll up! Beautifully made and will inspire creativity in any child!

  59. Renee Mackey says

    Boy, what wonderful art supplies!
    I’m thinking we would really love some of the liquid watercolors (maybe in addition to the paint jars and holder…so we can mix them up)
    Um…and I’m not sure if these count as an art supply, but I think I’ll be ordering the plant based easter egg dyes.
    See, I told you it was too hard to choose just one!

  60. says

    Oh, Sarah, this is the most lovely giveaway! You do know how happy you’re going to make a lucky child. :)

    Both crayon rolls are fabulous but my girls would be drawn more toward the floral design.

    Thank you so much for your generosity!

  61. says

    Having visited Bella Luna Toys and seen the wonderful art supplies there, I think we would most use the watercolor paper. We cannot seem to buy enough of the stuff!

  62. says

    Oh, how on earth can we pick just one?

    Really, I think our girls need each and every one and I firmly resolve to slowly acquire them!

    But our first pick would probably be the Artemis plant dyed beeswax.

  63. says

    Fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much! We are really needing some new art supplies here for home school so this would be awesome!

    I would choose the moon and stars for my little boys.

  64. says

    Love Bella Luna! I checked out the store and I would buy the 16 stick beeswax crayon set. Love Stockmar crayons!

    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  65. Kasey says

    *~ Thank you Sarah! So generous! ~*
    The moon and stars pouch is adorable and dreamy! The three kids I nanny for are practically my family, and they love that I bring them surprises every day. This would be perfect!

  66. Stephanie K says

    Thank you for such a great giveaway Sarah! I have two little girls who love art! If we were chosen, I think we’d like the flower pouch.

  67. Patty S. says

    This is an amazing, generous giveaway! If I’m the lucky winner, I’d select the moon & stars crayon pouch.

  68. Rhonda Wildman says

    Truly a treasure trove of information! My daughter would love the Moon & Stars crayon pouch and her parents would benefit from the how-to block crayon book.

    Thank you for this generous offer!

  69. Rhonda Wildman says

    It is so hard to pick ONE thing from the Bella Luna store, but the Lyra Super Ferby pencils would be our choice.

    thanks again for this inspiring offer!

  70. nadine says

    I thought I would get lost in that wonderful shop. there are so many amazing things, not just in the art supplies section. I would buy most of them for sure, if I could afford it)) and of all the art supplies I liked most Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay. aromatic modeling – what can be better? it’s not just an art therapy, but already an aroma therapy))
    thank you for the opportunity to win. the giveaway is really generous and touching!

  71. Suzie says

    It is so difficult to choose one from the beautiful supplies at Bella Luna! I love the Stockmar modeling beeswax. And heck, if I don’t win this drawing, I might need to go over there and buy that roll of crayons for myself! I mean my daughter! 😉 Thank you!

  72. KelliBelly says

    I adore the Bella Luna store!! If I could choose, I would get the modeling beeswax for my kids. My oldest has Apergers and anyything I can give him to create with his hands is very soothing to his mind. If I won we would get the moon and stars crayon set, all 3 kiddos would love it. Thanks so much for the chance.

  73. Amy Nosek says

    Thank you Sarah for this awesome giveaway. I would like the Moon and Stars design for my boys if I win.

  74. Amy Nosek says

    It’s so hard to choose just one item. I wish I could buy them all! If I had to choose just one, I would pick the Artemis Plant Color Crayons.

  75. teryn says

    I really like the plant dyed stuff by Artemis … was thinking about their plant dyed modelling wax the other day :)

  76. says

    For us I think what we would most love to have is the Waldorf paint jar holder and a couple Stockmar watercolour paints. Both of my children love painting and it would get a ton of use in our home.

  77. jo says

    oh wow,thanks you so much,it’s such a stellar giveaway.i think i would like the flower one.although i’d be happy with either!

  78. Tanya B says

    Thank you for this generous giveaway! The crayon rolls are beautiful and I know that my family would love the stars and moon one. As far as art supplies, well it is so difficult to narrow it down to one, but I would have to say the Ferby pencils. Our current set is down to the nubs!!!

  79. Guest says

    We love Bella Luna over at this house and Sarah’s blog Moon Child is one of my personal faves.
    Just such a lovely little shop! The felt crayons rolls are so great, the moon & stars one would be nice for my son.

    Thank you for wonderful giveaway!

  80. Christina D. says

    We’ve had our eyes on the Artemis PLant Colour Crayons to test out next. The colors look beautiful.

  81. JaimeB says

    Thank you so much for offering one of these sets- they’re awesome! I love both designs, but I think my children would probably most love the moon and stars because of the bright blue felt.

  82. JaimeB says

    I love the bright colors in the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax Kit-Large, so I’d probably have to choose that one as my top pick from Bella Luna’s choices. I have to try some… and maybe share with my kids, too :)

  83. Serena says

    Wow, thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I think I’d choose the Floral, but they’re both awesome!

  84. AnnLaura says

    I would choose the moon and stars, as both my boys are so in love with the moon. Thank you for such a generous give-away!

  85. Joy says

    What a beautiful take along toy!

    How is it even possible to pick just one art supply. Impossible! Right now, my son is in love with paint so watercolors, or maybe some fantastic paper, really good brushes….

  86. Tami B says

    What a special give-away. Thank you so, so much!! While I have a young son and daughter, I do believe I’d pick the sun and moon pouch in hopes of encouraging my son to perhaps have a bit more interest in art.

  87. Andrea says

    Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway! If I was to win I would choose the Moon and Stars pouch since it is more gender neutral but they both are so beautiful. Thank you!!!

  88. Tami B says

    If I were to purchase something from Bella Luna it would most definitely be the water color paint and the book “Painting with Children”.

  89. Andrea says

    I just browsed Bella Luna Toys and my, what a wonderful site!! My wish list is ready! If I had to pick just one art supply that I would love for my kids it would be the stockmar beeswax. We have never worked with modeling wax before and I know both my kids would love it. Thanks so much!!

  90. stlmommy says

    I would love the Lyra Colored Pencils. So nicely shaped for little hands. This is a wonderful giveaway!

  91. Misha G. says

    I would absolutely love some Lyra pencils for my kids! But then again, I would also love some of the Stockmar crayons – both the blocks and the regular ones. Let’s face it, I love art supplies. Whole store, please! :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  92. Gillian says

    I would choose the flower roll-up (even though it would be a gift for my son) because it is so incredibly beautiful. We love Bella Luna toys and the nice notes Sarah puts in our packages. Thank you!

  93. Pauline says

    What a wonderful offer Sarah! I would choose the floral pattern – so ready for flowers after a very long winter.

  94. Sarah says

    Back from the shop and I love the knitting wheel. My son watches me knit and likes to wrap yarn around his own set of needles to make cat toys. This would be great to give him something to practice and learn actual stitching.

  95. Kimmer says

    I would pick the floral crayon roll for my 5 year old daughter… her birthday is March 30th! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  96. Kimmer says

    My favorite item from the Bella Luna site is the Lyra Ferby pencils. My little one LOVES colored pencils, and they’re a good size for her to manage. Thanks again for the chance!

  97. Shannon M says

    Wow! This is a fabulous giveaway…my daughter would LOVE it!! I think I would choose the flower pouch for her, she’s really into the flowers coming for spring right now, and we love the modeling beeswax (and everything else)! thank you

  98. Jill says

    …and so do my kids… they draw every single day. My four year old does it when she’s upset… it’s very therapeutic for her! I’d love to give her one of these precious little sets of supplies!

  99. Faygie says

    Sarah’s generosity is well known to me. In all my dealings with her while purchasing from her bellalunatoys website to reading all her amazing articles, her generosity shines through. Thank you, both to Sarah and to wee folk art, for this contest. If I do win, I would love the Floral style crayon pouch. Thanks!

  100. Faygie says

    The one art supply I think our family could really use is the Waldorf Paint Jar Holder. That would be great!

  101. elana goral says

    thank you so much for this great great great giveaway!!!! i would choose the floral pouch- it is so pretty!!!

  102. Dallas says

    The next thing I’ve wanted to order is the beeswax crayons, but after that we’d go with the Ferby pencils. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  103. elana goral says

    i would choose the watercolor paints. i’ve been wanting it for such a long time and hopefully will be able to buy it soon

  104. Elizabeth says

    Lovely items all, at the Bella Luna site. If choosing one item it would be the Modeling Beeswax. Removing the wax crayons from such a soft, delightful pouch is part of the whole experience….I really like the moon and stars. Thank you,Sarah, for creating such charming materials and for this givaway.

  105. MichelleL says

    And if we had to choose an art supply from the Bella Luna Toys shop, I would go for the stockmar watercolor paints. I really want to try them out (and my son too)!

  106. Sarah says

    What a beautiful website with so many things I could use! I want the stockmar water color paints! My 2 boys would love experimenting with these.

  107. ~ joey ~ says

    Oh what a generous super awesome giveaway! I have had that book on my wish list for quite sometime! I think I would choose the floral wrap but they are both lovely.
    Thanks so much,
    ~ joey ~

  108. says

    Oh, my… I’ve looked at the site, and if I were to choose one art supply? It would be the moon & stars pouch (plus the coloring with Block Crayons book!)

    Thanks again Sarah (and Kimara, of course!)

  109. says

    thank you sarah! lol.
    I would choose the stars and moon one, my kids would LOVE a pouch, so their crayons can travel without the baby eating them.

  110. says

    Well i think if i had to choose just one thing it would be Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay.

    my preschooler isn’t able to use wax yet and so needs a more play dough type modeling and i bet he would love the scents.

  111. Ellyvan Keulen says

    O this give-away is really lovely
    Our kids ar totally in love with the flower case 😉
    It would be wonderfull to win 😉

  112. ~ joey ~ says

    I would choose a beautiful paint jar holder! (if I didn’t already win the painting book!) ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  113. erin says

    From Bella Luna toys I would love to have the kindergarten paint, and the pain board!

    typo- paintbrush and paint board

  114. Andrea says

    This is a fantastic giveaway – the moon and stars pouch would certainly be the favorite for me. Not only because it is so beautiful, but also because I would have three little fans of it at home.

    Thanks for the opportunity Sarah and Kimara

  115. Heather says

    Oh my goodness, what a generous giveaway! I’d love to get the moon and stars holder, and from Bella Luna’s site I would probably go with the paint boards.

  116. Andrea says

    Only one favourite from Bella Luna – that’s close to torture. But being practical, the next thing we need at home are some play clips for the play stands, our current ones are not child friendly

    Ooops – I was going off through the entire shop! Our favourite art supply would be the Lira Color Giants.

  117. KathieW says

    What a wonderfully inspiring give-away; thank you, Sarah!

    We would be over the moon with the Moon and Stars pouch.
    Many thanks and bright blessings!

  118. KathieW says

    Once again, thank you for this opportunity!
    The art supply I have returned to time and time again is the Forest Gnome Family Kit!

  119. Ray Sultz says

    My goodness that is a very generous giveaway. Thanks Sarah! I really don’t expect to win because already so many people have left comments but if I were the lucky one I would want the night sky holder.

  120. Ray Sultz says

    I go to Bella Luna often to window shop and if I had to choose an art supply I would have to go with the blackboard/eraser/chalk set.

  121. Jen W says

    I’ve never visited the Bella Luna site before, and saw about 100 things I now want to get for my kids… If I had to choose one thing they would absolutely love, I think it would be Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay :)

  122. Heidi says

    What a lovely giveaway- I would pick the stars and moon case- the stackmar crayons have such vivid colours.lfl

  123. Valerie says

    I never win a giveaway but I just had to tell you how beautiful your crayon holders are–I would choose the moon and stars to start off my grand daughter’s artistic journeys.

  124. Heidi K says

    Thank you, Sarah and Kimara for your wonderful interview on children’s art. I enjoyed it very much. I would choose the flower version of the crayon pouch if I won. :)
    – Heidi K.

  125. Tara A says

    Thank you so very much Sarah for your generosity, what a truly lovely giveaway! I would choose the floral pouch- its so pretty and my three girls would truly treasure it.
    Thanks for the chance

  126. Guest says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these gorgeous things. I rarely enter giveaways, but am so enamored with the products I just couldn’t help myself!

    oops, i forgot to say that my twins would love the moon crayon roll.

  127. Heidi K says

    As I read the interview I was most intrigued by the technique of wet on wet watercolor painting. I followed a link on the Bella Luna site to an article Sarah had written about the process. I really would like to try this with my children! So, if I had to pick just one thing right now it would be one of the Stockmar watercolors – probably blue. – Heidi K.

  128. Ingvild says

    What a great giveaway! I think it would be fun to try the crayon rocks. Or any of the other wonderful supplies on the site!

  129. KatR says

    Second Comment:

    I am interested in getting my daughter painting, and would love the wet on wet painting book (we already have the paints.) For actual art supplies, one of the beeswax modeling clay sets would get loved.

  130. mollysusie says

    I’d love to try to aromatic play clay, maybe it will soothe me while picking it out of the carpet.

  131. says

    My boys love using their block crayons and that star and moon roll would be awesome, thanks for the picture of that book too. I’ll have to search it out (assuming I’m not your lucky winner).

    Thanks Sarah!

  132. says

    i have wanted that book for so long! i would choose stars and moon. my son’s symbol at school is a moon just like that one. 😉

  133. Emilypdx says

    what a lovely giveaway! While both are beautiful, I find myself partial to the floral crayon pouch. Blessings to all!

  134. Sarah says

    What lovely items, me and my little one would love to try out the crayons in the moon pouch. Moon was one of my daughter’s first words =)

    I also think that the Artemis plant colored beeswax for modeling looks enticing!

  135. says

    so very pretty! i love the flower design. what a wonderful idea. this is really inspiring me to encourage art in a whole new way with my two kids. thank you!

  136. victory says

    What a wonderful giveaway!! We would love the moon and stars (although I’m sure my daughter would be thrilled with the flowers. 😉

  137. says

    Oh so lovely! The flower Crayon Roll is so sweet! I peaked around Bella Luna and must say, my favourite items have to be the Tree Cottage with the Branch Family Gnome Dolls. Makes me want to be wee again! xo

  138. Chrissy Mat says

    Thank you SO much Sarah. These are just gorgeous <3 <3 My space mad boys would just LOVE the moon and stars pouch :)

  139. Guest says

    We use are supplies like this with our homeschooling. My kids did wonders with modeling beeswax. They made some really nice animals.

  140. Tanya says

    Wow, how hard to choose, they are both so cute. But something about the stars and moon just sings to me, and I so I would have to pick that one. What a great give-away!!

  141. Colleen D. says

    What a generous giveaway! My daughter (3 yrs. old) talks about the moon. She would love this!

  142. Colleen D. says

    I really enjoy reading Sarah’s blog and her store is very nice. I love the Lyra colored giant pencils. I have a set in my classroom. They are so nice.

  143. Tanya says

    How about one of everything!! Seriously, I have always loved the Waldorf dolls. I love the whole concept of the dolls. I love the realness, the cloth, and the faces.

  144. Guest says

    love waldorf. thank you for a day in a wladorf kindergarten post, that was very very helpful for homeschooling ideas.

  145. Rebecca says

    I’m thinking the Stockmar watercolor paint would best suit us as right now I just have the cheap stuff that comes in the dry circles of paint in a rectangular tin. And a water color paint jar holder to boot! I’m glad I came across these prices.

  146. jules says

    i would like to share the gratitude i have for such generous and kind hearted people in the inspire me.thank you.x

  147. Guest says

    What a beautiful website! I just know I’m going back there! At the moment, I’m particularly enchanted by the eco kids easter egg dyeing kit. Thanks again for the generous giveaway!

  148. viviane says

    love bella luna toys and sarah truly is a wonder…love supporting what she does. very thoughtful of her as always. thank you ladies for this great gift. viviane

  149. Lysa says

    Wow! Thanks to Sarah for such wonderful generosity! I’m absolutely in love with the stars and moon crayon pouch…

  150. skuchi says

    Beautiful! And very generous. They look like fun. I’d pick the moon and stars if chosen. Tough choice though :) They are both lovely.

  151. skuchi says

    I’ve browsed through Bella Luna before. So many fun things! The Artemis Beeswax you mentioned looks like it would keep us all entertained for hours!

  152. Catt says

    Thanks for the great interview and giveaway. We are currently trying to de-clutter and simplify our toy collection, but art supplies are the one place where I’d like to get a few quality items to add to our renewed space. Both the crayon rolls are lovely, though my daughter would probably really love the floral.

  153. Jennifer W says

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you Sarah and Kimara! I would love the moon and stars crayon pouch for my sons. Thank you.

  154. Catt says

    Okay, I know I said we are decluttering, but I am trying to get plastic out of the one area where it has cropped up-the bath. I may need to get one of those wooden sailboats for Easter.
    Again, thanks for the lovely resources you both offer.

  155. Jennifer W says

    So many wonderful things but if I had to choose one then I would choose the Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay. What a great sensory experience it must be to play with this clay! Thank you for the amazing give away!

    • Ali says

      Shoot! Above I meant to say that the FLOWER one would be perfect for Easter! My apologies.

      Also, from the Bella Luna site, we would definitely love the plant colors modeling wax. Gorgeous!

  156. Violet says

    I love the Waldorf doll available at Bella Luna’s. They can be made to reflect my golden-skinned, black-eyed, black-haired beautiful Chinese children.

  157. Sonya Byrne says

    I’ve got my eye on the Waldorf Paint Jar Holder-I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without it!

  158. says

    Only one! How you torture me! I have to say that it would be the painting board right now. We have just started to explore watercolour painting and its been messy. The paintbrush is great too. But then so is absolutely everything. I just love this shop.

  159. says

    What a wonderful give away! Thank you Sarah for providing it and also to you for hosting the give away. I’d definitely choose the Moon and Stars pouch if I won.

  160. AChionis says

    would have to be pebble crayons. My baby is geared to keep up with her brother and I suspect she might actually be able to manipulate these (versus eating his beeswax crayons…)

  161. says

    Oh my… I could spend a lot of time browsing through the different categories over at Bella Luna. But in the art supply section… I’d have to say that the Watercolour paper would be my pick.

  162. Michèle says

    If I had to choose one art supply from BellaLuna’s shop, it would be the paint jar holder. It is such a beautiful piece of wood. Thanks again!

  163. Tahra May says

    Our favorite item from Bella Luna is the watercolor paints. We’ve been buying them for years now, and consider them a must for any creative home. The watercolor paper she offers is the best, too.

  164. Hastings says

    Oh, what a tough choice. I’d want the floral for myself :) but I’d have to say the moon and stars would be a better fit for my children.

  165. Hastings says

    What a tough choice with all the fabulous supplies. I’m really tempted by the watercolors and the Lyra pencils, but my must have is probably the bergamot play clay. What an amazing idea for decreasing anxiety through play and scent.

  166. Kelly Bolerjack says

    My girls (3 and 2) have loved their wooden kitchen set, along with all the fruits, veggies, and cups and pots. They make “coffee and tea” every morning and I can tell they are really feeling like they contribute to household life. Also, the flower pouch is beautiful!

  167. Erin says

    I think I’d have to choose the Stockmar modeling beeswax – it keeps my children busy for hours and hours making such creative surprises!

  168. Kimberley says

    What a wonderful giveaway, Sarah — thank you! As a fan of your site already, I have been eyeballing the Mama K’s aromatic play clay. My daughter, Lorelai, would just love exploring and expressing with both that and the Moon and Stars pouch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  169. Marina Alonso says

    Yes!!! Love it!!!! You two are awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!
    And I think I’ll go with the moon and stars, I do have 2 boys at home!

  170. Alanna says

    Wow, I can’t believe this generous giveaway! I love the flower pattern for the crayon roll… it would be so lovely to win these art supplies for my children.

  171. Alanna says

    I love everything on the Bella Luna toys site. Right now the child’s gardening set is catching my eye… I could use a little help in the garden from my 3 year old this year!

  172. Tanya says

    What fantastic giveaway! We’d love the moon and stars roll. The beeswax crayons look fantastic! Thanks again :)

  173. Tanya says

    Hard to choose just one~ the nesting bowls are fantastic and I know my guys would get lots of use out of the tree blocks too :) Thank you :o)

  174. Guest says

    Beautiful and very generous!
    A tough choice. I’d probably pick the moon and stars. All of the Waldorf toys are great. However, my favorite is the beeswax crayons. I’ve had my eye on them for a while now!

  175. Tanja says

    Yowsers! I love how generous your sponsors are, and this is OTT!

    I think my boys would get a huge kick out of the moon and stars pouch.

  176. Tanja says

    I’ve had a look around that gorgeous store and the one thing I’m most keen on is the paint jar holder. It’s the tiny cute jars, the lovely cherry wood (we don’t have that timber here unless it’s imported) and the whole useful/beautiful dynamic it has going on.

  177. Guest says

    I could get lost for HOURS over at Bella Luna. What an absolutely fabulous giveaway! We could really really use a set of stockmar block crayons–I would love to put away the markers!

  178. Ruralmommapa says

    I was so excited when I saw the dates posted for the entry! What a beautiful gift. The moon and start pouch is wonderful.

  179. Carly Anderson says

    I have been eyeing beeswax crayons for a while now! Thank you, Sarah, for giving us all the chance to win some! You can see the true quality in all the items you sell. I love love love the simplicity of the Moon and Stars crayon pouch!

  180. Carly Anderson says

    I love the Crayon Rocks you sell! Very ergonomic for small hands! I bet my son would have a giant kick out of those.

  181. Miranda says

    So hard to choose just one thing out of all the amazing products, but the lyra ferby pencils would get a lot of use in our home!

  182. Tam says

    So many wonderful things to choose from! After getting totally distracted by the knitting mushroom and tower, I found my way to the art supplies. I would love to have the Lyra Ferby Pencils for my little ones. (Adore the beewax too … it was a close call :) )

    Thank you Kimara and Sarah for the giveaway.

  183. Elena Grover says

    Bella Luna Toys has so many awesome items to choose from! If I had to pick ONE art supply, I’d pick the Stockmar Beeswax Crayon Sticks.

  184. Carola says

    ✰Sarah, thank you so much for this wonderful give away. It is very generous. I would choose the Moon and Stars crayon pouch.★

  185. Carola says

    So many wonderful things at Bella Luna Toys! I would choose the Artemis Plant Colour Crayons. Again thanks for the chance! ♥

  186. April Dawn says

    Wow, thanks to Sarah for offering such an awesome giveaway. Fingers crossed! I love the moon and star pouch.

  187. April Dawn says

    I think my family’s favorite art supply from Bella Luna would be the painting board. My son absolutely loves to paint!

    Also, I know these aren’t art supplies, but I just have to say that the play silks at that site are absolutely yummy! I love them!

  188. Gluten Free Viking Mom says

    I am new to the Waldorf schooling. But, I have so fallen in love with the Stockmark crayons. I have a set in my purse for those times when a little distraction is needed. Because they are made of beeswax and not “crap” they won’t melt in my purse. That is a good thing in San Diego-SoCal heat.

  189. says

    Thankyou for such an awesome opportunity Sarah 😀
    As much as I love the moon and stars, I just know my girls would pick the flowers and they would be the ones to benefit from this if we were to win 😀

  190. Kaila says

    Just one art supply? Tough choice, I would say the Lyra color Giant Pencils,my eldest daughter’s favorite!

  191. Jiaying says

    Great giveaway. We can always use more art supplies. Thank you Sarah and Kimara! I’d choose the moon and stars pouch if I get lucky. :)

  192. Jiaying says

    If given only one choice, I’d pick Lyra Keramiplast Modeling Clay. It’s more for myself to learn and play with the clay before my daughter is ready.

  193. says

    I’d have to say the moon and stars puch would be my choice. I lvoe the floral one, but do not think it would fit the boys as much as it would me.

    Wow, I misspelled how many words in that comment? I really should read them before hitting the button. Sorry bout that.

    onepinkfish @ yahoo dot com

  194. says

    what a wonderful give away! thank you so much for offering this blessing to some lucky family. Isn’t it awesome how the the web connects us and helps us to see that no matter where we are we are still under the same moon???
    If I was to win I would love eighter wonderful color folder, but perhaps the moon and star would be my favorite.

  195. says

    If we were stranded on a deserted island, the one art supply my family would LOVE, is the Lyra colored pencils. How wonderful our cave would look with all the beautiful drawings!

  196. Michelle Simpson says

    Thank you, Sarah, for offering this wonderful giveaway. I especially appreciated your comments about using high-quality materials. I agree 100%. My daughter attended a Waldorf school for pre-school and the paintings she created their were breath-taking. A Waldorf education touches a child’s soul. Peace. oops! I forgot to say that I would prefer the floral design if I should happen to win. Thanks!

  197. Michelle Mondia says

    What a wonderful gift…thank you Sarah! If luck is on my side, I would choose the moon and stars for my Miles.


  198. Amanda says

    Ooh! What a generous giveaway! I have been wanting to buy some Stockmar crayons but haven’t made the investment yet. We had the opportunity to draw with some in a Waldorf Sprouts class, and I was blown away by how superior they were to plain ol’ crayons.

    If I were l lucky enough to win, I think my daughter would prefer the Moon & Stars holder. She’s obsessed with looking for the moon every time we go outside!

    Thanks again, Sarah!

  199. Amanda says

    If I could choose *one* of the art supplies from BellaLuna (besides the beeswax crayons, which truly are the next item on my wish list), I would get the large paint jar holder. Ella loves painting, and I always get frustrated with the baby food jars sliding all over the table. The holder would make it so much tidier!

  200. Stephanie Barrett says

    I love the felt crayon rolls. They would be great for my little one while the olders are in their various activities.

  201. Erin Rae says

    What a wonderful giveaway and I’m thrilled to have found Wee Folk Art via Sarah at Bella Luna Toys.

    If I were to win, I’d love the floral pouch for my daughter.

  202. Erin Rae says

    I would love some of the modeling beeswax. We do a lot of drawing and painting (with lovely Stockmar and Lyra art materials from Bella Luna Toys), but this would be a new medium for us!

  203. quester says

    I was just admiring these! I would probably choose the moon & stars for my son, and then come back for the floral for my daughter. And then I also too would love some modeling wax. These are all on my school supply list!

  204. says

    Everything! I want everything! I guess if I had to pick, tonight, it would be the wooden bird nest OR the beeswax Easter egg candle!

  205. Marie says

    I love the moon & stars :) What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win, I am headed over to BellaLuna’s page now. xo

  206. says

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I would love either of the pouches, but I think the floral one is particularly lovely! This is just fantastic!

  207. says

    Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway! Either of the options would be wonderful, but I particularly like the floral one! Thanks so much!

    Hopefully that is okay! my favorite thing would have to be the stockmar modeling beeswax (large) we have never worked with that , and I think the kids would love it!

    (Brooke ~ I just combined 2 our your response to make 2 entries. All set :)

  208. Shelby says

    Thank you thank you! This looks amazing. My daughter could color and draw all day. The floral pouch would be perfect for her.

  209. Sarah says

    I would pick the stars and moon pouch; my daughter loves to drink from her “moon mug” and point out the moon each night.

  210. Sarah says

    For other art supplies, I’d pick the rock crayons for my daughter, who loves to color, but isn’t quite old enough for the modeling beeswax.

  211. Kathy says

    I like the flower crayon roll best.My favorite Waldorf toy are the playsilks.I’ve had a basket for all my children .They inspire all kinds of dress up play as well as making scenes for wooden
    figures (my 2nd favorite )

  212. Shannon Davis says

    I would love the floral crayon pouch! I am creating an outdoor classroom for my in home preschool this summer and have been admiring all of the natural materials on the bella luna site!

  213. Shannon says

    Definitely, I must have some of the rock crayons! How wonderful for little hands! I can just see my little ones using them outside to draw the wonders that they see on our Mother Earth!

  214. kec56 says

    THANK YOU, Sarah for your generosity in this give away,
    and for so much more!
    I would take the stars and moon crayon wrap.
    The one addition of art supplies I would love to have, is the paint jar holder.
    oxoxo <3<3<3

  215. Guest says

    I love the floral wrap … my daughter love the floral wrap! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity! This would be great for homeschool outings!

  216. Guest says

    I visited Bella Luna and love, love, love the beeswax candle wraps in spring colors!

    Andanbre at gmail dot com

  217. Charmine says

    Thank you for your gnerosity Sarah, these pouches are beautiful, my son would love the moon and stars one for his upcoming 4th birthday!

  218. Amy M says

    Wow that is so generous – thanks for the opportunity and thanks Sarah! I think my girls would LOVE the flower wrap and with the winter days ahead there will be plenty of drawing in our household coming up. 😀

  219. Amy M says

    For my second entry I have to say I would LOVE Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay – it looks gorgeous, is such a great idea and I bet they smells awesome too. 😀

  220. yvonne says

    what an amazing give-away from Sarah, such generousity in this time where we see such selfcentered people.. It is so nice to see pple caring and sharing wonderfull things to maybe some less fortunate pple who have troubles to afford it.. but via this way can experience the wonderfull stuff.

    I would like the beautifull book
    Coloring With Block Crayons by Sieglinde de Francesca

    My daughter got the stockmar block crayons.. and i;m mesmerised by them.. but would love to learn how to make pretty drawings with them !

    • Guest says

      I am a mom of four and currently homeschooling 3 we love waldorf education but cant afford all the georgeous supplies we make do with not so great dollar store art stuff and dream about owning stockmar water colors and crayons this is a great giveaway!!!

  221. M Hyde says

    Thank you Sarah once more for just another amazing product for Kimara to bless us with. the moon and stars will be perfect for the grankids art corner. And I agree totally. Allowing a child the opportunity to share his or her ideas of how they see the world not only give them self confidence but also the more they create the more creative they become.

  222. stacy g says

    I so like beeswax for my girls. they can work their feelings out into it. the artemis plant dyed beeswax looks fabulous. we gave this to friends as a gift last year but don’t have any of our own. lovely give away! thank you.

  223. Angel Funk says

    This giveaway is so wonderful I can barely hope enough to enter it! I would choose the moon and stars pouch, it is just beautiful.

    If I could choose any art supplies (besides what’s being offered today in this giveaway!) it would be the blackboard, chalk and eraser set!

  224. says

    What an amazing gift! I’ve been drooling over these crayons for such a long time – my two little artists would get so much joy from them… I’ll cross my fingers & toes.

  225. says

    The watercolor brush looks like it is a perfect brush for introducing kids to watercolors. I like to use “real” art supplies, but it has been hard to find the right brush. Thanks Bella Luna for offering such carefully selected items.

  226. says

    What a generous giveaway! The Artemis plant colour crayons are too cool….my guys would love them if they could get them out of my hands!
    Yours in Christ,

  227. Amane says

    This is the best give away I have ever entried. My daughter would love to have the floral desighn pouch. Thank you so much. I love your blog a lot.

  228. Guest says

    What an awesome Giveaway! Thank you! Thank YOU!
    Our family would LOVE to win the Moon & Stars set!
    Thank you!

  229. Guest says

    I am a HUGE fan of Bella Luna. I’ve got my eye on those wonderful CRAYON ROCKS! Great idea for the little ones, and they would be sooo great on a nature walk…cute pouch they come in…love the idea of bringing a little rainbow to our nature adventures!

  230. Kira says

    I’d go for the chalkboard with eraser and chalk for my son, who has lately been all about erasing and re-drawing everything with pencils.

  231. Natalie says

    I have been wanting to get Coloring with Block Crayons for the past couple years and have been unable to do so due to financial concerns. What an amazing and generous gift to offer to one of followers of this blog. Thank you, Sarah! Blessings to all.

  232. Rose Witteveen says

    Wow, how special. I am a Montessori 2-6 Teacher starting a small school out of our home in August, I would love to add this to our Art shelf!

  233. Natalie says

    We have been going through alot in our household. My husband has been in and out of the hospital since the beginning of the year. And since then my son has taken up drawing with colored pencils. It’s his therapy. So far he’s made a book of his drawings for his dad. He’s due for a new set and I would love to get him the Lyra Color Giants Pencils. Love your online store, Sarah!!

  234. Michelle M says

    So much wonderful stuff over there at bella luna Toys! I would love to have the crayon rocks for my little one! Thanks Sarah for your generosity!

  235. Sam says

    Thank you, Sarah! This is a lovely giveaway, and one that our boys would sooo enjoy! We would be thrilled to receive the Moon and Stars pattern.
    Thanks, again!

  236. Emily F says

    I know my six-year old daughter would love love love the flower crayon roll (and of course the crayons, too)!

  237. Emily F says

    Just visited Bella Luna Toys, and oh my! what a lot to choose from! We’ve been wanting some nice Stockmar watercolors for a while, though, so that’s what I would pick.

  238. Guest says

    Wow that is an amazing giveaway.thank you for hostingit and Sarah for her kindness. I would get the floral.

  239. says

    Ok, I just went on over to Bella Luna, and I have to say, those Chalkboard chalks are my favorite pick over there in the art supplies section!

  240. Allison says

    I suppose if I HAD to choose only ONE item it would be the modeling beeswax. We have never played with that before.

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