Last fall the kids and I made these Salt Dough Veggies to correspond with our Autumn Harvest Unit. A lot of time was spent gathering the harvest off of our farm mat. I was amazed at the detail the salt dough held. We have a few surviving pieces... but the dog (and Pixie) liked to chew on them. After the chaos of our upcoming weekend (out of town guests and two parties), I plan to make some more with the kiddos. They look lovely on our nature table and will be great when we get to Thanksgiving studies.

Just read Michelle's post and wanted to add this pic. Last year after I saw how cute their pumpkins turned out, I used their directions and made a bunch for the gnome house! My dogs also enjoyed the pumpkins. I have 5 remaining. They must have lost their yummy smell, because the dogs are leaving them alone this year! ~Kimara~

To correspond with our lesson this week on Veggies, we made Salt Dough Veggies to use on our Nature Table. Once dried, the kids immediately took them to the Farm Mat. They have spent a lot of time bringing in the harvest and feeding the bounty to the family of snails Bug made.

Basic Salt Dough Recipe

1 Cup Salt

2 Cups Flour

3/4 Cup Room Temp Water

1 TBSP Vegtable Oil

Bake at 200 F for several hours until dried through. Paint when dry.

For a realistic touch, we used small twigs for stems. We also used toothpicks for adding details. I was surprised how well the Salt Dough retained its modeled shape.

Note: Both puppies and almost 2 year olds like to eat the finished veggies! Keep a close eye on the little ones if you have 'em.


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