July 2009

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  EDIT: The contest is closed. Thanks for participating! As hard as it is for us to believe, this week Wee Folk Art celebrates its 1 year anniversary! This year we've shared 378 blog entries, 18 applique blocks and 70 FREE patterns. We've learned a lot and made many new friends. All and all,Read More →

My friend and I are hosting a Tea for another friend’s birthday. Nothing overly fancy. Just some good friends together in the gardens. I wanted to make little token gifts for everyone. After I made the Teeny Tiny Booklets I thought, "Hey, these would make cute little gifts." I boughtRead More →

Supplies: Toilet paper rolls Crafting glue Twine Clips Yarn needle Basket 1] Cover the outside of the toilet paper roll with glue. 2] Beginning at one end, begin wrapping the twine around the roll. I do not try to measure how much twine I’ll need, instead I simply take itRead More →

A mom in your daughter’s dance class is pregnant. Although you really don’t know her very well, you’d like to give her something small. THIS is the perfect gift. An evening’s project can produce a token gift that could well become baby’s favorite! And, think how cute this would beRead More →

To create this 4" felt baby ball you will need: Materials: 2 colors wool felt Matching embroidery floss Multicolored embroidery floss Stuffing material Optional – Jingle bells Pattern 1] Make 2 copies of the pattern. 2] To make templates cover the ball side section pieces with wide tape or clearRead More →