April 2013

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If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you’ll know that over a year ago, we needed to move my dad into a home for dementia patients. It was a very hard decision, but, fortunately, the right one. He is happy there. He thrives in the routine andRead More →

So… Tim and I are sitting side-by-side at our computers, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning before chaos ensues. As we surf along, we seem to take turns saying, “Hey, look at this!” We’re a lot like two toddlers playing next to one another …in a sandbox… not really needing muchRead More →

Just about ready to post the pattern for our Knights and Squires, BUT, how successful can a knight be without a mighty steed? With the help of The Red Knight and his Squire, I designed a horse, to be cut out of wood this weekend. Starting next week, I will shareRead More →