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Working with the Diagonal Chain Pattern The diagonal chain is another fun mosaic pattern. The main tip I want to share is be sure to slip as if to purl unless a pattern says otherwise. This is true for all the mosaic patterns. More Blocks in the Series Introductory Post Block Nine: HorizontalRead More →

When my children were young, actually before I even had my third, my parents owned a condo in Florida and would spend several months there each winter. It was lovely going down there for a week each winter to soak up the sun and play on the beach. After IRead More →

To me August is the most “summery” month of the year. Traditionally, our temperatures are the highest, we get the least amount of rain, and we always try to get in a couple “long weekends” to fully enjoy the last lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. By the end ofRead More →

horizontal chain knit patterns

Working with Mosaic Knitting Patterns The Horizontal Chain Pattern is the first block in the mosaic pattern section. Mosaic knitting is an easy way to use multiple colors in a pattern because you are only working with one color at a time. Unlike traditional knit color-work, you do not have toRead More →

Comments are now closed. Congratulations Angela you are the lucky winner. Please contact me within three days to claim your prize. Angela Barrett says July 19, 2015 at 7:30 pm(Edit) I would buy the Mermaid costume! My girls would LOVE to add a mermaid to our dress up collection! ThankRead More →

Working with the Rose Fabric Pattern After a couple of rows, the rose pattern becomes easy to see. You can see that you need to purl on the vertical stripe of the opposite color. Just remember with this pattern that you need to knit into the row below. More Blocks inRead More →

We started Wee Folk Art back in July of 2008, so we are celebrating 7 years of sharing our passions here on the blog. Every once in a while I love to flip around through our early blogs. In the beginning we were trying so hard to find our footing.Read More →

I can remember as a young girl spending hours in the summer creating outfits for a family of trolls I had. I would loved to have been given the supplies to make a family of fairies! After I created these winged creatures, I was excited to have the grandbabies over andRead More →

Being raised with three brothers and no sisters there wasn’t much room in my life for fussy dresses. I needed to run, jump, hang upside down from monkey bars and generally do things that dresses tended to balk at. But, oh, for the holidays, my mother insisted I wore superRead More →

There is an expression “easy as pie”. I don’t get that. To me pie making is NOT easy. Trying to get a nice crumbly crust, rolling out a dough just right, then baking the pie so the fruit and crust is done without over baking the outer edge. “Easy asRead More →

After the past chaotic and life changing few weeks, I think I am finally ready to roll up my sleeves and get back to work! I have a lot of catching up to do. For example… we completed this drawing lesson on May 29 and I am finally posting it!Read More →

This series covers several different knitting stitches using the Learn-to-Knit Afghan book by Barbara Walker. Whether you are a true beginner or an intermediate knitter, you can take your knitting to the next level working through the blocks in this book. About once a week I will be adding one newRead More →

JAM by Kimara Wise I like jam on crackers, I like jam on toast, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Pleases me the most. I like jam in pudding, I like jam in tea, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Truly pleases me! Our Strawberry Jam Coloring Page is basedRead More →