April 2016

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This past week I got 3 separate emails from readers asking for help. One was looking for a pattern for gnomes that did not require wood pegs. Another was from a scout leader looking for suggestions for toys to make for a local shelter that her 10 year olds couldRead More →

I was hoping to have a post ready to go this morning introducing you to our newest Seaside Gnome Friend. Alas… Spring! So, instead of being at my desk I was outside. The next week is not going to be nearly as nice… lots of rain… so I know I’llRead More →

At this time of year the hardest thing for me to do is be patient, because by nature I am NOT a patient person. When the skies are sunny and the temperatures soaring, I want to be in the dirt. And when I say “in” the dirt, I mean INRead More →

Check out all these awesome techniques to create beautifully painted mason jars just waiting for bouquets of spring flowers from your own backyard! Spring has sprung! Although here in Michigan that means rain, and lots of it, it also means soon daffodils and pussy willows will be collected and broughtRead More →