Meet Our Seaside Mermaids

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You can read Part 1 of Caleen Meets the Mermaids HERE. Directions for making your own mermaids will be shared next week.

As Caleen watched the swans coming closer, she could hardly believe her eyes!

Behind each swan was a beautiful mermaid pushing them to shore.

Each mermaid placed her swan on the large rock that was half in the water and half out. When they were done they turned to leave.

“Wait!” pleaded Caleen. “Don’t go yet.”

The mermaids stopped and turned back to face Caleen.

“Tell me,” Caleen implored, “how did you know these were my swans?”

When the mermaids spoke their voices sounded like a soothing lullaby. “We saw Kristoff carving them on the beach.” the one with the green hair said.

“He told us how much you missed your old home and our hearts broke along with Kristoff’s,” said the mermaid with blue hair. “When we saw the swans adrift, we knew they belonged to you and wished to return them.”

Calleen walked onto the the large rock.

“I will forever be in your debt,” promised Caleen. “My name is Caleen. What are your names?”

“I am Nerissa,” said the mermaid with green hair, “and this is Lorelie.”

“Such beautiful names for such beautiful mermaids,” Caleen sighed. “Is there anything I can do to repay your kindness?”

“We do not wish to be repaid, but if you would be willing to sit with us and tell us about the home you miss, we would love to listen. We know much about life in the ocean and along the coast, but very little about life inland. Oh, please tell us stories of your world!” Lorelie eagerly asked.

“Oh yes,” agreed Nerissa, “please tell us your inland stories.”

Caleen smiled. If there was one thing she was good at, it was telling stories!

In a while Kristoff walked onto the beach looking for Caleen. Before he saw her he heard peals of laughter. There, on the large rock, Caleen was lying on her stomach with her face resting on her fists. Just inches away were the faces of the mermaids Nerissa and Lorelie. The three of them with chatting and laughing as if they were life long friends.

“Hmm,” Kristoff smiled, “They may have just meet but I do believe they already are life long friends!”

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  1. The mermaids are adorable! You never cease to surprise me with your creativity! I love your use of a blue scarf to represent water and waves in your wonderful photographs! Well done!

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