7 Lovely Embroidered Buttons to Inspire

7 Lovely Embroidered Buttons to Inspire

Enjoy these 7 lovely embroidered buttons meant to inspire, purchase or simply enjoy!

Yesterday on Wee Folk Art’s Facebook Page I shared a picture of a vase and buttons made out of button. It was adorable. Here’s what I wrote:

I am a fan of buttons. It first started as a wee lass when my Grandma Pearl let me fuss with her tins of buttons. If they were filled with precious gems I wouldn’t have been more excited to play with them.

She had been a seamstress in her younger days and many of her buttons had stories. “I used these pearl buttons to make an elegant wedding dress for the mayor’s daughter.” “Those gray ones came off your father’s knickers when he outgrew them.” “I found that one on the train the morning I meet your grandfather.”

As an adult, I wondered if all of the stories were true. It seemed like every button I picked up jogged a memory. Could there be that many memories in her button tins? Maybe so. Or maybe she was just a storyteller like me and believed the value of anything was increased exponentially if it was wrapped in a story!

I think going through a tin of buttons brings out the 8 year old in all of us! All the stories, all the magic, all the possibilities! Anyway, after enjoying the project I shared, I decided to do a showcase featuring other crafts made with buttons. As I found one project after another I keep happening upon buttons that were not being used in a project, but rather buttons that were a project in and of themselves. I found beautiful wee buttons that were embroidered with incredibly small stitches and detail. Each and every one of them is a work of art in its own right.

I changed gears. Instead of sharing crafts you can make WITH buttons, I’m sharing buttons that ARE the craft. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and that they inspire to purchase a few for yourself, or better yet, inspire you to make your own. Enjoy!

BTW… Feel free to link to any buttons you love in the comments below!

Fabric Button Tutorial on Wee Folk Art

Before you get totally inspired, learn how to actual cover buttons. Much easier to do than you might think. After you know how to do that, simply embroider itty bitty designs and your buttons will be ready to be sewn onto a place of honor!

embroidered buttons

Embroidered Buttons from lovelui blog

This delicate embroidered buttons are a mixture of cross stitch, crewel and crochet. Makes you want to make something just so you could sew these on!

embroidered buttons

Embroidered Button Kit from lovelui

Here is another set of beautiful embroidered buttons from lovelui. These were a kit sold in lovelui Etsy Shop. Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out, but visit her shop to see what other lovelies she has for sale.

embroidered buttons

Embroidered Buttons from Поющий ветер/Singing Wind

Delicate embroidery surrounded by beads makes these embroidered buttons spectacular!

embroidered buttons

Simple Embroidered Buttons from Edward and Lily on Bris Style Blog

Here’s proof positive that simple is sometimes all you need. Perhaps it is the simpleness of the designs that actually makes these over the top adorable!

embroidered buttons

French Knot Embroidered Buttons from Bird Nest On the Ground

When used on miniature designs, the French knot makes for perfect wee flowers. Especially love the lilac one!

embroidered buttons

Four Seasons Embroidered Buttons from Irina Petrenko

As a person totally fueled by the seasons, these really speak to me.

embroidered buttons




  1. Thank you for these stunning ideas and beautiful buttons! They are simply so inspiring and so much eye candy! xxx

    1. Kimara

      You are welcome! I have certainly found many of them to be quite inspiring! 🙂 ~Kimara~

      1. Im I’m finally to the older I get the more I’m loving this time could you please tell me where would be the best place for me to go take a vacation to see this pretty artwork and learn more about it or maybe more articles to read I just love it I think this is just a something that needs to be continued on into the future and not left in the past like most things are doing these days thank you very much i would like to seecontinue dand not left gone and unnoticed.

  2. These buttons are so lovely! It’s depressing to think that at least 60% of the world’s buttons are cheaply mass-manufactured in China…So it’s one of my missions in life to elevate buttons to what they used to be – miniature works of art! ? Thank you for this wonderful post!

    1. Kimara

      I so love buttons, too, and am delighted to hear about your passion for them. I went to your shop. Lovely. I love the idea that no two buttons are the same. ~Kimara~

  3. These are gorgeous! My mom had a shirt with bees on it so I made her buttons that spelled out QUEEN and one with a little crown. If you click my name, you’ll see a post about it. I’m hoping to make more. Just adding that small bit of art makes clothing absolutely spectacular.

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