Knit and Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

Knit and Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

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Take heart! There is still time to knit or crochet a stocking for Christmas. Whether you are looking for a simple stocking or a fancy doodle one, there is something here for everyone. Most patterns are free, I think only 2 need to be purchased, so I hope you find something that speaks to you. Ho Ho Ho!!!

Spindleknitter’s Stockings by Kirsten Hall

Free pattern for knit stockings from Kirsten Hall on Ravelry. These stockings are beautiful but do require a little more time and skill to make. You might want to start these now for next Christmas!


Owl and Fox Knit Christmas Stockings from Santas Sock Central Etsy Shop

If you are a fan of owls and foxes, and let’s face it, who isn’t, you may want to purchase this knit Christmas Stocking pattern. It is $5.00 and available at the Santas Sock Central Etsy Shop.


Scrappy (or not) Christmas Stocking by Bridget McKenzie

Another free pattern on Ravelry. With this pattern you can knit pretty, solid stockings, or use up your stash of yarn and create adorable striped stockings.


Sock Pattern for Knit Christmas Stockings from Martha Stewart

This free knit pattern from Martha Stewart has wonderful illustrations and directions to help you out if you haven’t made socks before. Even if you are making one of the other knit stockings, you might want to read through these directions.


Holly and Berry Crochet Stockings from Red Heart

Reminds me of stockings from the 40s and 50s. Cute stripes embellished with holly and berries. The crochet pattern is free from Red Heart Yarns.


Pineapple Lace Crochet Christmas Stocking from Crochet Memories

This sweet crochet Christmas Stocking is trimmed out with a beautiful pineapple lace. You can purchase the pattern for $4.95 from Crochet Memories.


Knitted Christmas Stockings by Joy Green

The pattern for this knit stocking is available for free on Ravelry. You can make this stocking as simple or as complex as you like. Me being me, I love the addition of the felt heart.


Cascade Christmas Stocking by Marji LaFreniere

Another free pattern on Ravelry. Again, this requires a higher level of skill and time. If you are an experience knitter, I’m sure you can get it done in time for Christmas, if not, there is always next year!


Knitted Christmas Stockings by Joy Green

Actually, I already shared the link to this free knit pattern above. (The blue striped stocking with the felt heart.) This just goes to show how very different the pattern can look depending on the yarn choices you make.


Polka Dot Christmas Stocking by Priscilla Hewitt on Ravelry

What fun! Love these polka dots. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry.


Fabulously Festive Christmas Stockings from Gleeful Things

Such pretty crocheted stockings. Want a small pair to wear myself 🙂 This free crochet pattern is available from Gleeful Things.


Dog Paws Christmas Stocking from Red Heart

Let’s not forget our furry little friends. This free crochet pattern from Red Heart will have you pup’s tail wagging in euphoria!





  1. How much are you selling the stockings listed as Kerston Hall at Raverly?

    1. Kimara

      I did not make or design any of the patterns that I shared in this post. They were all made by other very talented designers 🙂 My suggestion is to follow the link and contact the individual designers. I’m not sure if any of them sell their finished products but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Good luck 🙂 ~Kimara~

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