Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth

Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth

In another couple of weeks Michelle and I are starting a knitting group. To begin with, we’ll be meeting once a month for a little knitting, a little chatting and a little wine. What could be lovelier, right? Most of the women are new to knitting. A couple know the basics but have never completed the first ubiquitous scarf that all first time knitters think they should make. First off, a scarf? Really! Unless it is one of the one skein wonders, it can take a new knitter the better part of a year to complete an arduous scarf. Definitely NOT what a first time knitter needs to tackle! And second, there is a great deal of repetition and little skill development. So, we’ve come up with a couple quick projects to help teach the basics and give some needed quick gratification!

We are introducing the beginners to a one skein cotton dishcloth. We will have the absolute novices do a garter stitch square, but for those that have a basic knowledge, we’ll have them start on this simple basket weave design. We are also thinking of headbands and coffee cup cozies. If anyone out there has a fabulous beginner project, do share! I’m including the pattern for the Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth in our FREE patterns. I love using cotton dishcloths, and believe you can never have enough! This is also one of those great projects that you can take anywhere. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to knit a few and put them away for impromptu gifts. Enjoy! 


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