Christmas Corner – Advent Tree

Christmas Corner – Advent Tree

After a week of talking about it, via the Advent Tree Kit Giveaway, we are now sharing the directions and patterns so you can make your own. The Advent Tree is yet another variation of the Christmas Tree Applique Block. Oh so long ago, we talked about all the various ways the basic applique blocks could be used. So far we’ve used the Christmas Tree Applique Block to make the applique, a Christmas card, our Wooden Pine Forest and now, enlarged 325%, our Advent Tree. We do have a couple of other projects we will be doing over the next couple of weeks using the Christmas Tree Applique Block.

But for now, you can make this heirloom Advent Calendar, which literally, could be in your family for generations. The directions list the felt and floss I used. Julie, at Prairie Point Junction, has put together a kit with the exact amount of felt, floss and wooden buttons you will need. She also has some of the other items you will need for making your Advent Tree. Although the project itself isn’t a “massive” project, like a quilt, if you are new to crafting or pressed for time, you’ll want to start right away to have it done in time for Christmas.

So, without further ado… the pattern and directions for the Advent Tree can be found HERE or with our FREE patterns. Enjoy!



  1. So sad I didn’t win 🙁 but congrats to the people that did. Given the fact that I really didn’t expect to win, I saw the fabric you used a Joanns the other day and I bought some. I hope I got enough. I bought 2 yards. I’m off to check your directions. Thanks for this lovely, lovely pattern. I love its simplicity. I love that there are no sequins or glitter. Just natural loveliness like all your crafts. I may not have won the contest, but your blog is such a sweet gift I won’t complain. Thanks for all your work and generousity.

  2. How is 28 pages printer friendly?…Oh well, at least I’m at work rather than home.

    I am excited to try this project!

    1. Yikes! Obviously, I take tons of photos when I craft. It is more time consuming for me but I like to make sure everything is very clear. We have many readers that don’t speak or read English, but because of our detailed photos, they can usually make our projects without translations. The negative side… 28 pages of instructions!

      Basically, the only thing the program does to make the tutorials "printer friendly" is to remove the sidebars. If you do not need the photos to make a project try highlighting the post, take it into Word, then remove the photos. In the case of the Advent Tree, it reduces the page length from 28 pages to 6!

      Have fun making the Advent Tree. It’s a lot of work (28 pages!) but I think well worth it! I congratulate you on starting your Holiday crafting early. We’d love to see photos when you are done. 

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