Crackle Eggs Tutorial

Crackle Eggs Tutorial

Give your eggs a nice, aged looked with our crackle eggs tutorial. Learn how to paint and apply crackle to create small or large cracks in your eggs.

crackle eggs wooden miss 1 740wm

crackle eggs wooden miss 3 740wm

With the first day of Spring just a few weeks off, it’s time to start thinking about spring crafts. And what says spring more than eggs… the symbol of birth and renewal? We use many different eggs in our spring decorating and today we will share how to turn ordinary eggs into crackle eggs which add a fun texture and an antique and shabby chic look to them.

Materials for Making Crackle Eggs

NOTE: Instead of using the acrylic paints, I used latex paint left over from when Michelle painted her house. We wanted the colors to match her house. Although it worked, I had more trouble with the paint “globbing” and it was hard to get a nice, even coating. We still like the eggs and a little globbing never hurt anyone, but if you’re a stickler for uniform, stick with the acrylic paints.

crackle eggs wooden supplies 545wm

Paint your eggs and allow to dry completely. NOTE: Not so easy painting round eggs! There is no good way to set them down to dry. Fortunately, acrylic paints dry fast. I decided on this project I wasn’t going to worry about them being perfect. They are suppose to have a distressed look after all! While your eggs are drying just move them a bit so they don’t stick to the surface.

crackle eggs wooden paint 1 545wm

crackle eggs wooden paint 2 545wm

Apply the crackle. A thin coat of crackle will produce tiny crackles and thick coated eggs will produce larger gaps in the crackle. It’s all a matter of preference.

crackle eggs wooden apply crackle 545wm

After the crackle has dried completely, apply a contrasting paint. (NEVER apply a second coat of paint. It would cover all your cracks.) As the paint dries, the paint will pool causing the crackles. Again, with round eggs it is hard to set them down to dry without messing them up a bit. I set mine on paper and moved them a bit now and then to stop them from drying to the paper. You can see that my finished eggs are NOT perfect, and we intentionally showed a couple of the globby areas just to show you that over all the eggs still look lovely. Also, when you arrange your eggs, place your favorite side up!

crackle eggs wooden second coat 545wm

You can see on the blue egg I applied more crackle and the cracks are larger than the orange egg that had a thinner layer of crackle.

crackle eggs wooden Collage 545wm

You can make your eggs look realistic or have fun and experiment with different colors.

crackle eggs wooden miss 2 740wm


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