Gnome Valentines Crafts

Gnome Valentines Crafts

Over the years we have helped Britta, the matriarch of our wee gnome family, decorate for the holidays. Here are a few of the Gnome Valentines Crafts we have shared. Hope you find something your gnomes will like!

gnome valentines crafts feature 740wm

In many ways gnomes are just like you and me. They love a beautiful home and they love to decorate for the seasons. In The Thicket, our dear gnome friend, Britta, often asks for some help getting her house ready for a holiday. Although she is quite the talented home maker herself, we always have so much fun crafting together so we often put our heads together and come up with new and beautiful ideas! She was expecting a few close friends for a Valentines Day Tea. Although Britta’s house is always filled with love, we were happy to add a few hearts, some pinks and reds, and a generous dusting of love to make the day special! 

Below are the links to all the projects that will help prepare your gnome, fairy or doll house for a Valentines Day full of love!

Gnome Valentines Crafts :: Heart Banner

gnome valentines crafts banner 545wm

Gnome Valentines Crafts :: Crochet Rag Rug

gnome valentines crafts rug 545wm

Gnome Valentines Crafts :: Cup, Plates and Vase

gnome valentines crafts cups and vase 545wm

Gnome Valentines Craft :: Rip and Tear Tablecloth 

Although there isn’t a tutorial for making the tablecloth, just follow the directions for our Rip and Tear Napkins and make it the size you want for your gnome’s table.

gnome valentines crafts tablecloth 545wm





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