Crocheted Kitty Cat DONE!

Crocheted Kitty Cat DONE!

Finished the Kitty Cat. YAY! It was a detour away from all the other things I needed to get done this week, but I am very pleased with it. As a beginner crocheter, I found the pattern easy to follow, and I am every so grateful to Jules at Little Woollie for generously sharing her talents with her readers. 

I put in the center granny square that Jules used. She recommended another square since the sun burst had rather big holes for the stuffing to work its way through. But I liked the original square better than the new one she recommended (it was denser thus the stuffing won't poof out!) and I went ahead and made the sunburst tummy panel.  

Before stitching the front to the back, I lined the back of the 2 granny squares with a solid orange fabric. I intentionally sewed the square on so it puckered. I wanted some extra lining so it would give as I stuffed the Kitty.

I also also added a XOX on the back of the cat, just to remind the Little Lady that I love her very much. We will be heading to Wisconsin next week, and I'm sure LL is going to love her new friend.

If you are interested in making your very own Kitty Cat, make sure to pay Little Woollie a visit.  Trust me, even beginner crocheters can do this!

Now, all I have to do is finish… ahem… start, her 2 pairs of pants!!! 



    1. Oh my goodness!!! This is exactly what I need. I keep starting projects but just can’t seem to get into them, yet I want to crochet and I love grannies. My grandson will love a kitty of his own. Thank you! Headed to find the pattern now.

  1. It looks perfect!

  2. This is a terrific, colorful and quite soulful creation! I can’t wait to see the clothes!! 🙂

  3. Had you not said you were a beginning crocheter, never would have known. Your stitches are perfectly even, and you did an awesome job! I’m sure Kitty Cat will get lots of love from Little Lady.

  4. Just want to thank everyone for your kind words. I think because I have been a knitter for so many years and understand the basics of reading patterns, stitch tension, etc. that it made the transition to crocheting much easier for me than someone that has never worked with yarn before. I did enjoy the project and from now on I won't shy away from crochet projects. It was fun!

    1. Thanks, Suzana, and we wish you the best with your new blog. Enjoy 🙂

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