Cup-Pa-Cake Skirt

Cup-Pa-Cake Skirt

The Eight Panel Princess Skirt Directions are now ready. You can find them in Free Patterns Section.

I made this one in some sweet Kaufman Confections fabric that Fairy just had to have the last time we were at Joann’s. Since they were not on sale, Gammy only got 1/2″ yard of each but Pixie was devastated when she saw the fabric on the cutting table and learned that it was intended for Fairy (she has been asking for her own “CupPaCake”). So we will be getting more. This skirt is intended for Fairy… hence the super long length on Pixie. But Fairy is appropriately at Princess Camp atm (dance school) and Pixie was more than happy to model it for us this morning.






Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. OMG… could your kids get any cuter? You guys are so lucky you have a gammy that keeps you in fabric. I don’t think my mom has ever been in a fabric store. I seriously don’t think she even has a needle and thread in the house to sew on button. I’ve been making out, though, at garage sales. I was surprised how many people sell fabrics. I skimmed through your directions. You said there was directions for adapting it to adult sizes. I didn’t see it??? I really do think I’d like to make one of these puppies for myself, too! Gorgeous stuff guys!

    1. I had some notes on adapting the pattern to larger sizes but when we were editing they were removed to make it read more clearly. I will be adding them back in at the end of the pattern… so check again in a bit. 🙂

    2. Ok, my notes are up now. Let us know if you have any questions and please add photos to our flickr group or leave us a link if you make it… I would love to see some pics.

  2. So, SO cute and so is your model! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  3. Hey Michelle, your miss pixie is so cute! She shines in that beautiful skirt!

  4. So glad you put this tutorial up– I’ve been thinking about doing one, but yours are always way better. I love this style of skirt– so cute and fun! (The girlies look so cute, too!) And you will be happy to know that I’m 100% converted to Flat Fell’s after your tutorial– it’s all I sew now, period!

    1. I keep telling people when they start flat felling they’ll never go back! Slows down the process a bit, but it’s a Zen thing, right? Anyway, I love this pattern Michelle threw together. Just got some material today to make one for myself… very gardeny… with lilacs and vines. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! BTW… Fairy loved the fabric, but generously agreed, that Gammy needed some new skirts, too!

  5. I Love this skirt. It is so cute, and I am planning on making one for my little girl. Thanks a bunch!


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