Gnome and Fairy Books

Gnome and Fairy Books

No, I’m not talking about books ABOUT gnomes and fairies, rather books FOR gnomes and fairies. I got the idea from Michelle. When we talked about doing The Book Nook, I told her I wanted a banner. Something that people would come to associate with this feature. Like a good graphic artist, she gave me three choices; the one below was one of my choices.
Well, as it turns out, we decided not to have a special banner. Michelle loves to point out that much of the work of any graphic artist never gets used. So, I apologized for wasting her time BUT isn’t the fairy reading a book about the cutest thing you ever saw? Well, I decided we needed to get more reading material into The Thicket. So I got busy, with the help of Britta, of course, and we created a stack of books, specifically for the children of The Thicket. The insides of the book can be left blank, as journals, you can use recycled text from magazines, or write your own story. You can learn more about making your own Gnome and Fairy Books HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!



  1. My kids are off right now writing stories to put in their fairy books. I showed them the story you wrote and said, “make it that long” hehe. Tonight we are going to make the books. I’m not sure if we will staple or sew, although a quick smack on the stapler sounds much easier. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  2. This is so adorable! I recognize the Magic Cabin doll in there and I have lots of Magic cabin catalogs to get to work on! Fun! Thanks.

  3. This is so cute. We don’t have a gnome house, although I’m starting to think we might need one, but we do have a doll house. We use many of your ideas for it. This idea is so simple but so cute. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  4. I just discovered your blog. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. I have spent the last 2 days devouring your site, looking at your projects and reading most of your blogs. Fantastic. I started making a list of the projects that I wanted to make and realized I was basically copying your project list, so I quit. I’ll just have to work my way through. I’m really excited about trying some of your wood projects. You can expect to see a lot of me. BTW, I love these little books. Making gnomes is the first project on my list, then I’ll start decorating. Thanks for an awesome blog. So glad I found you.

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