Doll Purse A.K.A Cell Phone Holder

Doll Purse A.K.A Cell Phone Holder






Okay… The other day I got this incredibly beautiful cell phone. It’s so pretty. It’s purple and has these cute little flowers on it! (I swear that’s not the only reason I bought it!) But I am so excited. Finally, a keyboard for texting (God help my children) and GPS. And, the mother of all delights… internet! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it also plays music, BUT, to have unlimited internet access… no matter where I am… euphoric!

The only draw back with the LG Lotus, and I really don’t consider it a draw back because it’s as cute as a bug’s ear, is its odd shape. It looks more like a square compact than a phone. Because of that, none of the standard holders… hold it. Hey, not a problem, right? I have a cupboard full of felt. I’ll throw something together, and it did. And I must say, it’s every bit as cut as my phone. Attach a carabiner and whalah… off ya go. Dangle it from a belt loop, hang it off your back pack, or attach it to just about anything.

One small problem… Pixie came in the house, saw it, said, “Oh, pretty”, and promptly gave it to her dolly as a purse. Guess what guys? I lost my cute cell phone holder and it became a doll purse! I can live with that. Hey, I’m all about multifunctional items! But since I won’t be getting this one back, I’ll be making a new one for myself this week.


I didn’t plan on sharing this pattern since it is so tailored to the LG Lotus, BUT as it turns out… I guess I made a doll purse which just so happens can be used as a Lotus holder!  I hope you find a use for it. I do know the little “dolls” in your life, will thank you!  You can find the pattern here in the FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!



  1. Oh, I love your phone. How pretty. I am definitely going to make several of these doll purses to have on hand for last minute gifts. Can’t imagine any little girl not loving it. Dollies need purses too!

  2. Wow, you must be in techie heaven! Congrats on the new phone and 24/7 internet connection! That is very very cool.

    I love your phone cozy! I’m gonna make one for my sister too. Thank you!

  3. My niece loves baby dolls. Her mom is big into plastic because it cleans up well, but I made my niece a Waldorf doll and it is her favorite. She uses a plastic purse from another doll. Her birthday is coming up and guess what I’m going to make her? I think I’ll make this for her doll and a matching treasure pouch for my neice. (I love the flower one!) Thanks for tons of great ideas.

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