It’s Snowing in the Dining Room

It’s Snowing in the Dining Room


We tried a new technique this week with our water color painting… adding salt crystals to create an interesting texture.

NOTE: setting down a bowl filled with salt then immediately walking away to answer the phone is NOT a good idea when a 2 year old is completing said craft. This produces the “It’s SNOWING in the Dining Room” effect.


We started by choosing a picture in our book “In November” to use as inspiration. The kids picked a page with 2 cardinals on a bare branch. Then we drew outlines in crayon. We applied the watercolor paints. Over some of the wet areas of paint, we sprinkled kosher salt. I highly suggest you place a tray under your painting first – unlike us! Our intent with using the salt was to make it look like it was snowing in the picture. Once the paint dried we brushed off the salt. It created a tie-dyed looking background and left some sparkly, glittery salt residue (can’t see in the photos) that looks like ice crystals on the page.


Drying with the salt still on.


Close up of texture.



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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