Knit Rope Stitch Dishcloth

Knit Rope Stitch Dishcloth

Several weeks ago we shared a pattern for a Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth. We threw together a few easy patterns to help our noobie knitter friends practice their knitting skills with relatively quick results. Today we’re sharing a pattern for another dishcloth. Although the pattern itself is easy, we are using a Rope Stitch, (instructions included) which takes a little getting use to. The effort is worth it because it creates a nubby texture which is great for wiping down tables and counters. Of course, it’s made out of cotton for its absorption qualities. Make a few for yourself and start a Christmas stash early! The pattern for the Knit Rope Stitch Dishcloth can be found in our FREE Open Pattern section. Enjoy!  



    1. It really isn’t hard to learn…and it’s one of the best take-along crafts you’ll ever stumble upon! If you don’t have someone that can teach you, check out your local craft and yarn shops. You can usually find very inexpensive lessons. (That’s because most knitters become addicts and need their yarn fixes…THAT’S where the real money comes in!) Anyway…thanks…and really, give knitting a try! Very relaxing.  

  1. The link to the Knit Rope dishcloth gives me an Access Denied message.

    1. I guess there are a few things that did get messed up on our transfer. Thanks for letting us know. It is fixed now. Let us know if you have any more issues. Sorry!

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