Michelle’s Future Quilt and Funky Chair

Michelle’s Future Quilt and Funky Chair

Michelle is going to redecorate her bedroom. Actually, it’s more like decorating for the first time. You know as parents, we often feel like we are on the bottom wrung when it comes to getting attention. Actually, when raising a family, my room got even less pampering than me! Every other room in the entire house was decorated… at least once… before I got around to doing my bedroom. Same is true with Michelle, but it is high time her and Todd got an inviting sanctuary for themselves, which seems to become even more important as your children get older.

And since you’ve got to start somewhere, Michelle decided to make a quilt for the bed and to pull those colors into the rest of the room. I’m not sure what type of quilt she will be making, but she bought the two of the beautiful Moda Wrens and Friends Jelly Roll pictured above. Aren’t they beautiful colors?

She then asked me if I would make her a matching “funky chair” to go in her room. In a heartbeat I said yes! Several years ago I was driving along, minding my own business, and there, at the end of someone’s driveway, was an old chair with a FREE sign on it. I had Tim nab it, we had our usual discussion about bringing stray things home with me, but it turned the chair into this:

It’s wild, crazy and I love it! Well, Michelle knew I had a couple other stray chairs in the garage just dying to get funky, so we bought a matching print, and now the fun begins. Here is the “before” shot of the chair.

And here is the fabric I’ll be using.

I’m hoping to get started on it this weekend. Of course, the chair will be done long before Michelle finishes the quilt, but hopefully it will be inspiring. I’ll be sharing more on this as I get into it!

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Photos: 9-18-11, 2-20-14




  1. I can’t wait to see the chair, quilt, and room. I love your tastes so much that I want to follow your directions and finally decorate my own room! Please let us know the pattern of the quilt as soon as you can 🙂

    1. I will be sharing more about the quilt as soon as I get started. I'm playing with a couple of ideas.

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