Miniature Tablecloth

Miniature Tablecloth

Whether you are a gnome, fairy or a wee doll, nothing makes a special occasion more special than a beautifully embroidered tablecloth. This miniature tablecloth is perfect for spring and summer!



Britta received a package in the post with this note.

Dearest Britta,

I know how much you have always loved this tablecloth. I made it while I was courting your Grandpappy. I want you to have it. We will be paying you a visit in several weeks. I expect to see it freshly starched and on your table, wink! Enjoy it, my wee Britta.



Britta’s eyes filled with tears. She held the tablecloth tight against herself and could actually smell Grandmammy. She would always cherish this gift and use it only for the special occasions… like a visit from Grandmammy!

Materials for Miniature Tablecloth

  • 12″ square of fabric
  • 6 strand embroidery floss
  • 6″ round embroidery hoop
  • fabric markers for transferring pattern and light box*
  • pattern
  • rubber band or elastic hair band

Directions for Miniature Tablecloth

Make a copy of embroidery pattern. NOTE: My table is 3″ across. The completed tablecloth after hemming is 5 1/2″. Enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit your table. The inner circle should be the diameter of your table.

Transfer pattern to your fabric. *I used a washable marker and a light box to transfer my pattern. If you’d like to learn more about how to use light boxes you can read about them HERE. There are many other options for transferring patterns which we will talk about in another post.

Using the pattern as a guide, embroider the tablecloth. Visit our Stitch Glossary if you need help with the stitches. I used all 6 strands of embroidery floss on the miniature tablecloth.

miniature tablecloth embroidered 545wm

When you are done, turn the hem under and sew in place using a running stitch.

miniature tablecloth hem1 545wm

miniature tablecloth hem2 545wm

When you are done, wet the tablecloth to remove marks.

Often, on miniature tablecloths the tablecloths will not drape down on the table because they do not have enough weight. Our girls HATE it when their tablecloths stick out! Really… it drives them crazy! To make the tablecloths drape, cover your table with plastic wrap to protect the tablecloth.

miniature tablecloth shape1 545wm

Center the wet tablecloth on the table. Using a rubber band or a hair tie without a metal closure (the metal may rust) secure the rubber band over the tablecloth and around the edge of the table. Make sure the tablecloth lies flat.

miniature tablecloth shape2 545wm

When the tablecloth dries it will be cupped shaped and drape nicely over the table.

miniature tablecloth done1 545wm

Now your gnomes, fairies and wee dolls are ready to have friends over for tea!





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