{This Moment :: Story Time}


  1. I love this photo – and I love love love the Velveteen Rabbit! I can’t wait till mine are old enough to get into it, I have a copy sitting waiting!

    1. That is one of the exciting things about having children… sharing the things we loved as a child and getting to see it through a child’s eye all over again!

    1. Dressed for fairy tales and dance class… although it is hard to tell the difference 🙂

  2. velveteen rabbit! a favorite childhood memory 🙂 i had the book on a tape and listened to it so much i had it memorized before i even learned to read haha. Even today i can still recall bits and pieces of it 🙂

  3. we’re big readers at our place too… imagine having a space just for reading with photos of reading… awesome.

    1. Love that idea. Actually, a perfect library photo theme. Need to think on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

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