Origami Paper Star Tutorial :: Lucky Stars

Origami Paper Star Tutorial :: Lucky Stars

This origami paper star tutorial will teach you how to make these beautiful and whimsical mini paper stars. You don’t need much to make the origami Lucky Stars. You can either purchase origami star paper strips that are ready to go, or cut your own.

Origami Paper Star Tutorial :: Lucky Stars

Origami Paper Star Materials:

Origami Paper Star Folding Directions:

Cut paper strips.

(Optional: You can write a wish or blessing on the paper strip.)


Begin by creating a loop at one end of your origami paper strip.


Tuck the short end inside to make a loose knot.


Carefully slide the knot down towards the end of the origami paper strip. You want a tail that is only about 2x the width of your paper strip. Flatten the knot into a neat pentagon base shape.


Flip the knot over so that the short end is sticking out from a flat edge. Fold the short end up along the flat edge.


If your short end is longer than twice the width of the strip, trim the end or fold it under.


Tuck the short end under the flap of paper that goes across the pentagon shape.


Flip your knot back over so that the long end is sticking out from a flat edge.


Fold the end up along the flat edge. It should line up neatly with one side of the pentagon base.


Flip the knot over again and repeat. Keep folding the long end along the flat edge of the pentagon base until you reach the end of the strip. (Note: you want the folds to be clean so that you have a well constructed pentagon base, but not super tight.)


If on the final fold, the end of the strip sticks out past the base pentagon, trim or fold under the end of the strip so that it is even with the pentagon base.


Tuck the end under the strip of paper that wraps across the top of the pentagon base.


This completes the folding process.


Origami Paper Star Shaping Directions:

To create the star shape, you need to indent the five edges of the pentagon.

Begin by carefully holding the pentagon star base so that it is between your off hand thumb and index finger so that an edge is facing you.


Carefully use your main hand thumbnail to press the pentagon edge in, directly in the center of a side. Be sure not to squish the pentagon shape with the hand holding it in place.


A crease should form that begins to puff out the center of the pentagon.


Turn and repeat on the four additional sides.


You should now have a origami paper star.

Origami Paper Star Tutorial how to fold paper strip stars

Trouble shooting issues with your origami paper star:

  • If the mini paper star is not puffing out correctly you may have wrapped the pentagon base too tightly or not aligned all the edges cleanly. Be careful with each and every fold.
  • Another reason it may not puff out properly is if you are putting too much pressure on one side of the pentagon base when you are creasing the edges. Try to hold it as loosely as possible and only hold it on the edges. If your thumb or finger is on one side of the pentagon it will not puff on that side.


Origami Paper Star Directions

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