Planting Cosmos

Have you ever noticed, how at the beginning of spring, everyone is so anxious to get into the gardens? Later, as long summer days bake the ground, and the parched Earth cries out for a freshening shower, what was once “fun” can become “chores”? But, with partly cloudy skies, a balmy 72 degrees, and flats of cosmos just waiting to find their summer home, everyone joyously dug into the moist dirt, enjoying the smells and frequent encounters with worms 🙂

Unfortunately, Bug had a little more school work to finish up…

But how bad can that even be when you are outside, with a babbling fountain serenading you?

I was concerned when I thought my arthritis would deprive me of the joy I always experienced in my gardens. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Now, with my loving and willing helpers, my joys have tripled as a new generation of gardeners learn to love gardening as much as I do! 

My favorite flower is the cosmos, and although they do reseed themselves, with our short summers, I am always too impatient to wait for them to flower, so my yearly garden extravagance is to plant 3 flats of cosmos hither and yon in the gardens.

What is the one flower you MUST have in your gardens?







  1. While living in Mussoorie, India. when my youngest was born .. the hillside had cosmos springing up all through the area. When I asked why that was .. I was told that sometime in the 1800s a British soldier had lost his wife in Mussoorie and he scattered the cosmos seed in her memory. A beautiful way to remember someone precious!

    1. What a beautiful story, a beautiful memory, and a beautiful flower. Thanks so much for sharing it with us Lady 🙂 ((hugs))

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