Poinsettia Applique Block

Poinsettia Applique Block

Does this poinsettia look familiar? Of course it does. It is the same design used on our Poinsettia Garland, except in a 2 dimensional applique format instead of a 3 dimensional flower.


You know how we are always talking about thinking “outside the block” when using our applique blocks? In other words, by enlarging or reducing our appliques, or by thinking of different mediums, our applique blocks can be used in many different ways.

Last year we took our Christmas Tree Applique Block

and turned it into:

An Advent Tree Calendar

A Christmas Card

A Fabric Christmas Card

A Christmas Ornament

and Wooden Trees

Well, this time, we went backwards. We took a 3 dimensional project, The Poinsettia Garland, and put it BACK in the block! Using the same pattern, we turned the poinsettia into an applique. We didn’t even need to reduce or enlarge it to fit on a 6″ block. And, instead of a button, we added 5 Woven Spider Wheels in the center of the flower. Think of all the places you can use this poinsettia this holiday season! I’m thinking it would be really cute to use our Oak Leaf Harvest Wreath, featured in Rhythm of the Home, and applique the poinsettia to the wreath instead of stenciling.

The pattern for the stencil can be found HERE. For some tips on working with felt, check out our tutorial on Cutting Felt. Enjoy!



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  1. Goregeous appliques! I just love the poinsettia- so beautiful and mysterious.

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