Pumpkin Recipe Marathon!!!

Pumpkin Recipe Marathon!!!

At the end of October we invited readers to share their favorite pumpkin recipes. Because the markets are overflowing with the fall harvest right now, it makes sense that pumpkin is such a common ingredient in fall cooking. The smell of spicy pumpkin dishes always makes me think of cool autumn days, and of family, friends and the holidays.

Our plan was to tuck in a recipe here and there as they came in. Well… things got crazy and we had lots of wonderful recipes, and here we are, days before Thanksgiving, and many recipes we have yet to share. We decided to have a Pumpkin Recipe Marathon. So throughout the day, we will be posting several pumpkin recipes. New recipes can be viewed directly under this post.

We again want to thank everyone that shared a recipe. And, we hope all readers take the time to look over the recipes, visit our contributor’s blogs, and enjoy yourself baking some luscious pumpkin recipes!

Oh, btw… wonderful Timothy got our recipes organized. Just a wee bit of tweaking needs to be done BUT they are now visible and in an order that is useful. Check out the new format HERE!



  1. I’ll be hanging close today. I love all things pumpkin! Question? The punmpkin cake is so cute. Where did you get the pan? I think i need! hehe

    1. We knew people would ask so we have the link to it in that repice (which will be up later today)… but it is the Nodic Ware 3-D Pumpkin Pan. Super cute, huh? 🙂

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