Santa’s Workshop Teddy Bear Ornament

Santa’s Workshop Teddy Bear Ornament

Here is another free felt Christmas ornament in our Santa’s Workshop Applique Collection. Teddy Bears are a part of childhood and look lovely on the tree!

teddy bear ornaments - done 1 740wm

These ornaments were based on our Santa’s Workshop Teddy Bear Applique which can be found HERE. I made them two different ways. The first ornament has a border around the design and in the second ornament there is no border. Decide which you like best and sew away!


You can view all to the projects in our Santa’s Workshop HERE.


  • Bordered Pattern or
  • Borderless Pattern
  • Felt – although I usually use 100% wool felt for items that get high use, like children’s toys, I am fine with using wool blend felts for ornaments. To learn more about felt read our article Felt 101.
  • Embroidery floss
  • Sequins or other materials used for embellishing
  • Metallic embroidery floss or 1/8″ ribbon for hanger
  • Stuffing – I used Polyfil but you can also use wool roving

Directions for Bordered Ornament:

NOTE: Get tips on cutting out felt HERE.

Using the Bordered Pattern, cut out all pieces of felt.

Using the pattern as a guide, position the pieces on a piece on your border felt giving yourself at least a 1″ border around the whole design. Again, using the pattern pieces as a guide, overlap pieces of felt and baste to your border felt.

tedd bear ornament - baste 545wm

Using the stitching guide on the pattern, sew the teddy bear to the border felt adding embellishments with coordinating floss. Remove basting stitches and add sequins. NOTE: To add the sequins I used 6 pieces of floss and a French knots in the center of each sequin.

tedd bear ornament - embellish 545wm


Cut a piece of metallic floss or 1/8″ ribbon 8″. Create a loop by bringing the 2 ends together and knot. This will be used to hang the ornament on the tree.


tedd bear ornament - gold hanger 545wm

On the back of your piece, position the hanger so the knot is behind the uppermost position on your ornament. Note: Pin your hanger on first to determine position. Notice where I have tacked on the hanger. Tack in place making sure to sew it only to the border felt. Do not go all the way through to the front of the ornament or the stitches will be seen.


tedd bear ornament - attach hanger 545wm

Pin, baste or staple your ornament to a second piece of felt that will be the back of your ornament. Make sure your hanger extends beyond the ornament.


tedd bear ornament - staple together 545wm

Using a running stitch and 2 strands of floss, sew the border felt to the backing, about 1/8″ from the design. When going around the top, make sure your hanger is out of the way. Make sure to leave an opening for stuffing.


teddy bear ornament - sew edge 545wm

Lightly stuff the ornament.


teddy bear ornament - stuff bear 545wm

When the ornament is stuffed, finishing sewing the border felt and the backing together.


teddy bear ornament - sew together 545wm

Cut away the excess felt leaving a 1/4″ border all around the ornament. Be careful not to cut your running stitch that holds the ornament together. Be especially careful when you come around the top. You do not want to cut off your hanger. To cut around the hanger, cut the border felt and the backing separately.


tedd bear ornament - cut out 1 545wm


tedd bear ornament - cut out 2 545wm

Your Santa’s Workshop Teddy Bear is now ready to hang on the tree!


teddy bear ornament - primary done 545wm

Directions for Borderless Ornament:

Using the Borderless Pattern, cut out all pieces of felt.

Follow the directions for the Bordered Ornament with these changes:

The finished ornament will not have border but you will still sew the individual pieces to separate piece of felt that I refer to as “tacking felt”. After you baste your ornament to the tacking felt, sew ONLY the pieces to the tacking felt as indicated on the pattern. DO NOT sew the outside edges to the tacking felt. After you are done embellishing the ornament, pin, baste or staple your ornament to the back. Cut out the ornament, without leaving a border. Again, be careful at the top so you do not cut off the hanger.

tedd bear ornament - baste pastel 545wm


tedd bear ornament - cut pastel 545wm

There are 2 methods for sewing the ornament together. Using 3 strands of floss you can overcast the pieces together or using 2 strands of floss like I did, sew the pieces together using a running stitch.


teddy bear ornament - pastel done 545wm



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  1. Wonderful, I have a new little grandson so these will come in handy from his grammy. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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