A few weeks ago we shared a Showcase of Cat and Mouse Knit patterns. You can see them HERE. They were a big hit but we had lots of people looking for crocheted patterns. I got right on it, almost finished the post, went on vacation, then forgot about it!Read More →

At the end of summer I gave everyone a sneak peek at an applique block I had just finished. My plan was to enlarge the pattern 300% and make a Halloween banner. ((Sigh)) THAT never came to past… so many other projects we are in the middle of, but IRead More →

A few weeks ago I share pics of our playroom. On the stairway, there is a painting of a kitty chasing a mouse… all in good fun 🙂 When the children we very little, and low to the ground, they crawled up and down the stairs, putting them at eye levelRead More →

  Materials: Felt color A Felt color B Embroidery floss color A Embroidery floss color B 2 3/4” buttons with 2 holes for eyes Contrasting embroidery floss for sewing on eyes Stuffing (wool or polyfil) Beans, fish gravel or large grained sand for weighting the bottom Pattern Directions: (All seamsRead More →

  EDIT: Pattern for the Doorstop Cat can be found HERE. Well…over break I was able to design the pattern for the cat doorstop, and finished him this morning. He’s purrfect! He weighs in around a pound, which wouldn’t be enough to hold open a door in a torrential wind, but he’llRead More →

Make this book mark for a stocking stuffer or a token gift for a friend who loves to read. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cute…definitely my kind of project. Enjoy! Materials: 8” x 4” piece of wool felt for book mark 4” x 6” piece of wool felt forRead More →

    When I have some down time, if I’m not actually crafting, I usually have my sketch book out and I’m doodling away. Some of my doodles stay just that, a bit of fancy on a blank page. But other times, I’ll be sketching with no particular project in mind,Read More →