The Gangs All Here!

The Gangs All Here!

Just letting everyone know Michelle and I will be “off” this weekend. All 5 of our children will be home, and there will be much merriment ensuing! Adam, from South Carolina, flew in last night, Drew and his wife Meghan will be driving in today, and our youngest, Mike, and his new girlfriend, Katie, who we’ll be meeting for the first time (and we can’t wait… Fairy wanted to know what she likes to play and if she has pierced ears? What more do you need to know about someone, right?) will be in tomorrow. We’ll be having a big picnic here on Sunday with other family members joining us. (I will point out… instead of cleaning this week like I should have, I was busy crafting… not a surprise to my children, that grew up with a mom easily distracted by creative pursuits!) Anyway… we are looking forward to frolicking fun, and hope your families have an equally enjoyable and safe holiday weekend, and we’ll be back on Tuesday.



  1. have a beatiful weekend! Loads of love to both of you and your beautiful families,
    rane and kiddlets.

  2. I just wanted to leave you a comment to thank you for the instructions for the felt rolled flower. I was scouring Etsy looking for a pdf pattern I could purchase but the only thing coming up was felted flowers! I found your site via Google. You have some really beautiful work here. Thanks again for sharing! – gigi

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