Waiting for Inspiration

Waiting for Inspiration

We went to visit my mom and dad yesterday. (Hereafter known as Nana and Papa.) My mom brought out two jumpers she bought for Pixie and Fairy. She got them at the senior center where she plays bridge. Seems the senior women’s club was running a fund raiser, and she scored these simple jumpers for $2.00 a piece! What a deal! Anyway, Michelle handed them off to me with a request to “cuten” them up. I’ll have to leave them lounging about for a bit to become inspired. The green and brown one screams nature and trees, while the light blue one seems to suggest romance and fancy. Hmmm…. 



  1. Could I have the patterns??? I really want to do onw of this for mi niece!!!!!

    1. Sorry, we did not make the jumpers… my mother bought them at a senior center. It is a very simple, basic pattern, and all of the pattern companies have their own version. Good luck.

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