Waldorf Style Babydolls Revisited

Waldorf Style Babydolls Revisited

Are you or your child new to sewing and want to make something simple? Do you have a friend expecting a baby? Do you just have a couple of free hours this afternoon and want to do something productive? These little sweethearts are fast and easy to make. They are wonderful projects for children that can now use a sewing machine. (Because of of curving, make sure they are comfortable with machine basics. Wouldn’t make this this first machine project, but certainly one of their first!) Also, notice the knot in the top of the hat. Definitely has “chew” potential!!! (Teething on the mind lately!)

Anyway… they are adorable, they are fast, and they will be well loved. A project worth revisiting! The directions can be found HERE



  1. I made on of these beautiful dollies for my baby girl out of one of her old jumpsuits that was too small for her. she loves it !

    1. I’m sure the fabric was nice and soft from being broken in 🙂 Also, I’m sure it reminds you of a "younger" her knowing the fabric was part of her clothes. What a wonderful way to repurpose and a wonderful keepsake!

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