Kite Paper Window Stars

(You knew I would have to do this tutorial sooner or later :)

A couple of fun things happened in the past few weeks. First, a lovely reader sent us the book Magical Window Stars (thanks Sarah!)

and second, we got a stack of kite paper from Bella Luna Toys. As I sat down and started leafing through the book, it occurred to me that these stars were a little advanced for someone that's never folded a star before, so I decided to start with a simpler star. I've made origami stars in the past, but never out of the kite paper. So, I made a simple, 8 pointed star, that you can find on most Waldorf craft sites. I think it is a beautiful way to begin working with kite paper. Below are the directions on how to make a Basic Kite Paper Window Star. Later, I will share other patterns as I experiment and play with different designs.

8 squares of kite paper
clear drying craft glue

Place one square of kite paper in front of you.

Fold the paper in half creating a sharp crease. Then open the paper.

Fold the paper in half again the other way, creating a sharp crease. Open the paper.

Bring 1 corner to the middle of the paper making sure the edges of the corner touch the folds on the paper. Create a sharp crease.

Fold the other 3 corners to the middle. You will now have another square.

Turn the square to form a diamond and make sure the flaps are up. Fold the left corner in so the outside edge of the paper is against the center fold line. You will be creating a sharp star point.

Do the same with the other side.

Fold a total of 8 squares into these star points.

Decide on the arrangement of the points. The smooth side should be on top and the folded sides under. Lay out your first piece. Then turn your 2nd piece over and put several small drops of glue along the edge.

Place the edge with the glue on top of the first star point, laying the glued edge of piece 2 on the fold of piece 1. The points should match exactly.

Continue adding pieces in this manner until you've added 7 star points.

Glue the 8th star point on in the same way. The 8th star point will be laying on top of the 1st star point.

Gently lift the 1st star point and slip the edge of the 8th star point under the 1st. Raise the edge of the 1st piece, put glue along the edge, and press in place.

When the glue has dried, turn the piece over and put a small drop of glue under each flap to hold it down on the star.

Allow to dry. If your star is not laying completely flat, weight it down with books or magazines for several hours.

Your star is now ready to put on your window. You can use double sticky tape or roll your tape. (I rolled my tape but I don't like the fact that you can see the tape in the sun. I will try double sticky tape later.) I've read that people will actually glue them to their windows, but I change things around too much to do that! You can fill your window with different sized stars or use different color themes. I will share more star patterns soon!


German paper stars

Hi thanks for the photo tutorial! I use a glue stick to put the stars together and I use sticky candle wax to put them on the window- the stuff one uses to be sure the candle is held tight in the candlestick- then you can freely move the stars around, and they don't tear
happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for the great ideas. I

Thanks for the great ideas. I have gotten lots better at making these stars. I really should do an update :) I never thought to use a smear of candle wax to put them on the window. I've been using glue stick for that, too. I will definitely give that a try :) Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving, too. There is always so much to be thankful for.

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Great job!

This is the exact same pattern I posted a tutorial for in 2008, only you did a much better job in photographing it. I guess I need to get that book!

Aren't they fun to make, and

Aren't they fun to make, and so beautiful. With spring just around the corner, I want to make some in warm colors... yellow, oranges and reds. I could use a little sun... even a sunny star :)

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Window Star Paper

Great job, Kimara, photographing and giving instructions for the simple window star (not that easy to explain folding!)
I've been making window stars for several years now and I love them, so I would like to share some of what I've discovered about kite paper vs tissue paper.
First, I would recommend Thomas Berger's book (Making Window Stars) for anyone who is just starting out. He uses kite paper which is easy to work with, as well as durable and colorfast. His designs begin with very basic folds (such as the one demonstrated by Kimara) and move to more complex designs, but all are easy to learn. Even when they're less than perfect, they still look beautiful.
Gueret's book has much more complex designs and requires the use of tissue paper. I tried kite paper, but as his designs are larger and require folding and refolding, the kite paper is too dense. (It would also be quite a bit more expensive.) Gueret has the added interest of changing colors and effect by using water on the tissue paper and layering colors. His stars are georgeous and I recommend them, but not for beginners. If his had been the first window star book I came across, I may have given up, since it's a lot to take in for someone who has never made one before.
Happy star making all!

Thanks for all the helpful

Thanks for all the helpful info. I haven't seen Thomas Berger's book but I will need to track it down. This is a craft I didn't know about until a few years ago. I am so awed by their shear beauty. I do look forward to trying some of the more complex stars... someday ;)

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Stars in my Eyes

I just love these window stars. I always bring them to friends as a little hostess gift on playdates. Because Mommas need rainbows too! I also purchased the Magical Window Stars book, but I haven't tried one yet. I've been using a different window stars book by Thomas Berger. Have you ever used the suggested tissue paper instead of kite paper? It seems like the tissue paper would fade super-fast. I'd love to know how it turned out for you. Lovely posts as always!

How pretty! Thanks so much

How pretty! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

Love these. I just ordered

Love these. I just ordered the paper. Can't wait to get it in and start folding.


Thanks for sharing this tutorial! It looks very fun and easy, I will be looking forward to sharing this with my readers as well :)

window stars...

I use a glue stick to put mine together, (I was worried that those glue dots would bleed through the paper), and then use just a dab here and there on the back to put it onto the window...I just pull mine off, and they never rip, (you need very little glue to hold them up...just press them on hard)!
We have a "sunny" window star tutorial on our blog...there's a picture of it on the sidebar! However, if I had to choose a favourite, it's the colourful rainbow stars that just make me smile!
Happy happy star making! It's addictive, (like we crafty types need MORE things to make)!!!!
xo maureen


Thanks for all the comments about gluing the stars to the windows. I wasn't afraid of damage to the windows, but I was afraid you would have to rip the star to get it down or move it. I now want to get more kite paper in bigger pieces... perhaps the rolls... and different colors, although I still have 92 pieces left in my pack :)

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we use a dab of Pritt stick

we use a dab of Pritt stick glue stick on a two or four points - you can't see the glue and it is very easy to slide the star off the window by slipping a butter knife under the glue. We put window stars up in the sitting room in the winter and then keep re-arranging them, and when Lent starts I take them down and put them up in the children's rooms. And they stand up to the abuse really well. Now I am craving window stars again!

Looks awsome! Its so simple

Looks awsome!
Its so simple to do and looks so nice.


I remember making these in elementary school with construction paper. I thought they were beautiful. My sisters and I use to save tissue paper and make them out of that. It had the same see through look on the window. Of course the kit paper is awesome. Think it's time I made some again.

I've been wanting to try

I've been wanting to try these with my 6 year old for a long time but just haven't. I'm going to order some paper today so we can. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

great and easy

great and easy tutorial....among the best i have found!


Aren't they fun?! I've only ever made the same type that you just demonstrated, and they are super-easy. My boys have also easily made them (although not with perfect folds of course), and we did an art lesson at my son's Montessori school this spring, and all the children (ages 5-9) were able to do them easily as well, maybe with some of the older children helping the younger ones when needed. I actually use a little bit of white glue to attach them to my windows. They come right off when necessary and adhere really well. If they end up falling down from a huge gust of wind or something, I just put some new glue on and they are fine. They look lovely in a sunny window.