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Felt Flower Headbands

In a blink of an eye, your little fairies can be wearing flowers in their hair. Although these elastic headbands hold just 1 flower, using the same pattern you could easily fill the crown with a bouquet of blooms! Using a purchased elastic headband, scraps of felt, and a few glass seed beads, your wee ones will be ready to dance with the flower fairies :)

purchase elastic headbands
felt scraps
glass seed beads
floss to match the felt
copy of the pattern found HERE 

Make a copy of the pattern.

Cut out 2 large flower petal rings, one small flower petal ring, and 1 leaf. When cutting along the dotted lines make sure you do not cut all the way through.

Using 2 strands of floss, sew the ring shut just at the bottom. Tie off the thread and clip.

Using a running stitch and 2 strands of floss, sew around the inner circle. When you've gone all the way around, gentle pull on the threads closing the opening in the center. Tie off the thread and clip.

Make the other two flower petal rings. Leave the thread attached to the small ring after you have securely tied off the thread. The thread should be attached to the back of the ring.

Poke the needle through the center fronts of the remain 2 large flower rings. Position the petals in a pleasing manner, then tie off securely.

Add several glass seed beads to the center of the flower. Tie off and clip the thread.

From the back of the leaf, sew a running stitch around the leaf.
Place the front of the leaf against the center back of the flower. Sew in place being careful not to go all the way through. 
Sew the back of the flower to the elastic headband where the headband is joing together.
Now, place on your little fairies' heads, and send them out to frolic in flowers. Who knows what adventures wait for them :)

Remember, instead of 1 single flower, you can add as many as you like :)
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Organic T-Shirt Giveaway from Jupiter's Child

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. The winner can be found HERE.

Several weeks ago, when I was wandering the aisles of Etsy, I stumbled upon a new shop that I feel in love with. It was Jupiter's Child. On Facebook, I shared a beautiful Waldorf Inspired Wooden tree. I thought it would look incredible on a nature table.

Anyway, one thing led to another, as it often does on the Internet, and before I knew it, Beth agreed to sponsor a giveaway on Wee Folk Art. THANK YOU, Beth! We decided to giveaway something totally different than anything we've done before on WFA. The giveaway is for this totally awesome, totally funky, organic youth t-shirt. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this design... and, of course, who doesn't love an incredibly soft, organic, tee? Here is the description from the site:

This is an organic tee-shirt, hand dyed and hand-screenprinted with a peace chicken design.

I started drawing the chicken design for this t-shirt, and somehow a peace sign appeared where the wing should be. And then I though, well, chickens are peaceful creatures, aren't they? The strut around minding their own business and making quiet little noises.

This t-shirt is hand-dyed a lovely grey-blue color using water-based procion dyes and our special scrunch technique which gives a nice marbled effect to the fabric.

Then we hand-screen-printed the chicken design on the front in black using water-based ink.

Rabbit Skins organic cotton tee.
Youth sizes small (ages 7-8), medium (ages 9-10), and extra-large (ages 13-14). Sorry, we are temporarily sold out of size large. Sizes are approximate; when in doubt, order a size larger than the child's age. 

She also carries baby onesies, for the smallest person in your life. You can choose from a lavender, green or blue print, in sizes 12 or 18 months. Here is the description from her site:

This is an organic cotton baby onesie with our original "Peace Chicken" design, hand screenprinted by us.

(Peace) Chicken (design) on a natural-colored onesie.

We start with a super soft Rabbit Skins onesie, 100% certified organic. Then we screenprint our designs using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

Your little one will love it! 


So, obviously, we ALL want one of these, t-shirts, right? Michelle asked if she could enter this giveaway. Sorry, Michelle, we are just going to have to buy ours for the wee ones. But YOU have an opportunity to win one, and pick the size you would like. To enter, simply visit Jupiter's Child. Look around. Take in the sights. Then come back here and tell Beth how great her shop is, and let us know who you would give the t-shirt to if you won. Also, include the size (and the color if you pick a onesie) you would like.

The giveaway runs from today, through Monday, July 5, at 9:00 pm EST, when a winner's name will be drawn. The winner will have 1 week to contact us with their snail mail address or a new winner will be selected. So, readers, meet Beth at Jupiter's Child... Beth, meet our readers. Hopefully, you'll all become good friends.

Thanks, Beth, and good luck to one and all :)


This summer the son of my dear friend is getting married. I wanted to make something for a shower gift and I immediately thought of the Coiled Rag Bowl. This bowl can fit any decor depending on the colors. I went to their registry at Pottery Barn. I made a copy of the stack of their towels, then I went out and found fabrics to match. (I realize the colors you see on screen aren't necessarily accurate, but I didn't need them to match exactly... just wanted the same feel.) 
Here is the work in progress:

To get the complete directions on how to make a coiled rag bowl, check out last year's tutorial for the Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl. Although a bit time consuming, they are fun to make and the finished bowls are so beautiful, it is worth each and every pin pricked finger :)

What special projects are you working on?

Spring Bouquet Kit Give Away from Wool Felt Central

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The winners will be announced tomorrow morning. Please check back.
My girls loves these flowers... they won't leave them alone. Gammy always makes them a special felt flower for their dance recital every year and they have already put in their color requests for June. Fairy wants a baby blue and Pixie wants a cotton candy.

Wee Folk Art, together with Prairie Point Junction's Wool Felt Central, has a wonderful give away, just in time for your Spring gift giving and decorating!

Our dear friend, Julie, owner of Prairie Point Junction, is giving away 2 FREE kits so you can make your own Spring Bouquet... enough materials to make 18 flowers!

Each kit includes:
1/3 yard EACH of 3 colors of felt (You pick the colors)
12" X 18" Pea Soup for Leaves
8 skeins of floss to match the selected felts  (2 skeins of each color)
1/2 yard of green calico for stems

Note: You will need to provide 12" pipe cleaners and large holed beads

To enter, simply visit Prairie Point Junction's Wool Felt Central, and check out all the dreamy colors. Pick 3 colors you would like to use to make your bouquet. (We used baby blue, pink grapefruit and mellow yellow for the flowers but pick out colors that make you smile :) Then come back here, give a big thank you to Julie, and tell us what 3 colors you would like if you win. Hey, even if you don't think you want to make this bouquet, who wouldn't want more felt to add to their stash?

The contest begins today, Wednesday, April 6, and runs until Sunday, April 10 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Two winners will be drawn at random and their names will be announced and an email will be sent to them. Winners have 1 week to contact us at with their snail address or a new winner will be selected.

So, head on over to Wool Felt Central and start planning! We want to give a heartfelt thank you to Julie for once again giving our readers a chance to win a wonderful kit.

And remember, the directions for making your own Spring Bouquet can be found HERE. Good luck one and all!

Spring Bouquet Tutorial

If you would like to give someone special a bouquet of flowers this Spring that will last forever, considering making a bunch of these flowers in a array of beautiful colors. Whether you make a single flower or 2 dozen, they are sure to please. But remember... make some for yourself... we all deserve to give ourselves flowers every once in a while :)


For single flower:
2" x 28" piece of felt for each flower
Green felt for leaf
3/4" x 40" piece of calico for stem, ripped
2 copies of pattern
bead with large hole
4 12" long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

For 18 flowers:
1/3 yard EACH of 3 colors of felt
12" X 18" Pea Soup for Leaves 
8 skeins of floss to match the selected felts (2 skeins of each color)
1/2 yard of green calico for stems
18 beads with large hole
72 12" long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

Preparing pattern pieces:
The pattern piece for the flower will require taping together 3 pieces. Make 2 copies of the pattern. Cut out the 2 end pieces. Cut out 1 center piece.  Tape the 2 end pieces to the center piece, matching the 3 inch sides. You should now have 1 long piece, measuring 3" x 25", with both ends pointy.

Cut the leaf out of the 2nd center piece adding a tab 5/8" x 1". You only need to cut 1 leaf per flower. (Pattern says 2)

Preparing stem:
Using the Ripe and Tear method described HERE, for each flower ripe a strip of fabric 3/4" x 40" from the green woven fabric. Also, cut one square 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" for each flower.

Place a bead on the end of 4 pipe cleaners, and bend the pipe cleaner about 1" down. Twist the end of the pipe cleaners around the long piece of pipe cleaner so the bead is secured. Slightly twist the rest of the length of the pipe cleaners together.

Lay the pipe cleaner on the backside of the square of fabric with the bead in the center.

Wrap the fabric around the bead. Using 2 strands of matching floss, wrap the thread firmly around the bead 2 or 3 times, then tack in place. Holding the remainder of the fabric against the pipe cleaner, tightly wrap the fabric against the pipe cleaner in a spiral fashion. Tack at the bottom of the fabric.

Preparing petal:
Cut out pieces.

Using a running stitch and 3 strands of contrasting floss, blanket stitch the flat edge of the flower.

Mark a 1/4" seam allowance along the curved edge of the flower using a fading or washable marker.

Using 2 strands of floss, sew a close running stitch along the 1/4" line. Leave a long tail.Sew a 2nd running stitch an 1/8" below the first line of stitching. (It will be between the line of stitching and the raw edge.) Leave a long tail.

Holding both tails, gather the flower until it measures 8” - 9". Secure the end so the gathering does not come loose.

Preparing leaf:
Using a running stitch and 2 strands of matching floss, sew around the stem and leaf, gathering SLIGHTLY.

Using a running stitch and 2 strands of matching floss, sew a stem down the middle of the leaf, gathering SLIGHTLY. Note: You just want to give slight contours to the leaf.

Begin rolling the flower around the bead, tacking it with matching thread every 1/2". As you roll and tack, slightly angle the rolled flower down the stem. Continue until the flower piece is completely wrapped around the bead. Secure thread. NOTE: The angling should be slight. Before tacking the petal, practice rolling the flower around the stem, until you find the desired look. Think of a rose.

Wrap the green strip around the base of the flower. Make sure the top of the strip covers the gathering line. Stitch around the flower every 1/4" - 1/2". After the first round is complete, angle the strip so it overlaps the strip above it by half.

After you have gone around the stem a second time, add your leaf. To do this, lay the leaf against the flower, and pin the leaf tab against the pipe cleaners.

Continue wrapping the stem, catching the leaf tab as you go.

Tack about every 1/2", going through the pipe cleaner on an angle downward. At the end, leave a 1" tail that you wrap around the bottom edge and tack in place.

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