Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts

Tissue Paper (pink, red, white)
Construction Paper (pink, red, white)
Clear Contact Paper

To create this pretty stained glass widow hangings you will need start by cutting pink, red and white tissue paper in approximately 1/2 to 1inch squares. Note: a little goes a long way.

Fold a sheet of construction paper in half and cut out a large heart. You can open the heart to check out the shape. Refold it to make any adjustments.

While the heart is still folded, make a parallel cut about 1″ inside the heart. This will give you your window frame. Save the inside heart cutout to make a smaller version.

Open the heart and center it on a piece of contact paper.

Place the squares of tissue paper inside the heart on the contact paper. Be careful not to go over the edge of the window frame.

When the heart is filled with tissue paper, place a second piece of contact paper over the whole thing. Be careful not to get air bubbles.

Cut away the excess contact paper. If you leave a little bit of contact paper around the edge of the heart it will stick together better.

You can now either tape your hearts in a window or use a hole punch at the top of the hearts and hang them with string.

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  1. heather piatt says

    I had a blast doing this with my twin girls we even made one for grandma and she loved it. It was so fun as well daddy got involved. We hung them from our light in the dining room. thanks for this idea.

    • Kimara says

      What a fun collection of Valentine’s crafts for children. Not only is it okay that you share our Stained Glass Hearts, it is much appreciated! ((hugs)) ~Kimara~


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