April 2010

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It began as a desire to have a few props for some of Leo Lionni’s books. I especially wanted to focus on It’s Mine. I began by drawing a frog and toad to be cut from wood, which I shall be sharing as soon as I cut out my toad. IRead More →

EDIT: Whenever somebody works with any materials long enough, they come up with shortcuts and techniques that save time and give better results. Last year I shared a tutorial on how to cut out felt. I got so many “thank you”s¬†from people that followed the instructions and got the resultsRead More →

It has been a busy, topsy turvy few days and truly can’t imagine things settling down for a while. This past weekend was bittersweet. We were preparing for our 2 new pups to join our household when we got a call Friday morning that both of them were sick. WithinRead More →

The other day we shared our pattern for the Basic Knit Doll Pattern. It has become an overnight success! I think the reason is twofold. First, it has the potential to be utilized in many ways, and second, it is lovable in its unadorned, simple state. I love gazing atRead More →

For the past 2 years, Michelle and I have spent every day, in one way or another, attending to Wee Folk Art. For those of you that have been with us from the beginning, you know me as the “Up Front” guy, and Michelle as the “Behind the Scenes” support. Although it wasRead More →

Over the next few weeks I plan to share books with Bug, Fairy and Pixie by author and illustrator Leo Lionni. I have quite a few of his books in my collection including: It’s Mine An Extraordinary Egg Fish is Fish Swimmy Little Blue and Little Yellow Inch by InchRead More →

First off, Michelle and I would like to thank Suzy… THE Hip Mountain Mama, for sponsoring this fantastic give away. Whether you entered the contest or not, I hope everyone took a few minutes to visit Hip Mountain Mama. She has a wonderful site, full of eco-friendly products. Remember, sheRead More →

As soon as the weather gets remotely nice, we move as much of our¬†living outdoors as possible. This means more walk-abouts and backyard picnics. When my children were growing up, Apple¬†Stackers were one of their¬†favorite snacks. They¬†could help me make them, and they were great to take on-the-go. (Note:¬†After slicingRead More →

These designs were created with beginner knitters in mind. They are knitted flat and are sewn together. For a more experienced knitter, I have created directions for knitting the dolls in the round, using double pointed needles, thus eliminating the seams. Also, directions are giving for adding a face¬†and hair.Read More →

Few things bring more joy to a child than snuggling with their special doll. We have created a basic doll pattern in 6 sizes: 12″, 10″, 8″, 5″, 4″, and 3″, enough to create a whole family or village. THIS IS OUR BASIC KNIT DOLL PATTERN. Over time we will beRead More →

Edit: This Giveaway is now closed. Winners were announced on Sunday, April 18. As promised, Michelle and I are pleased to present Hip Mountain Mama’s Giveaway. Although Suzy carries a wide array of products, she thought that 2 readers of Wee Folk Art would really appreciate the opportunity to winRead More →

Edit: I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments and emails. It is said, “A friend is a gift you give yourself”. When we invite a pet into our lives, we are giving ourselves the gift of friendship. My heart is heavy with our loss of this lovelyRead More →

This year the kids decorated Eggs with Gammy and Othy and I don’t have any pictures… maybe Gammy does. I will have to ask. We did an easter egg hunt at church… unfortunately I forgot my camera and only have a couple poor quality cell phone images and then sillyRead More →

Bug decided that he really wanted to make a Roman Gladiator Shield. I cut out cardboard rectangles for the kids. They then looked at images of roman shields and painted their shields. After the shields dried, we taped handle straps to the back of of the shields. Bug’s turned outRead More →

Spring has sprung… at least on our side of the equator… and flowers are in the forecast! Here is a cheery little flower to applique on a pillow or t-shirt or anywhere else aching for a little sunshine. Four layers of petals and a center make up this flower, and the onlyRead More →