January 2011

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Yesterday I shared our Bear in the Water Applique Block. I designed it for one of our readers whose boys are studying bears right now. Actually, they wanted a coloring page, but since I was designing that, it was easy peasy to make the applique, too. So here is our littleRead More →

The other day when I posted the Swimming Turtle Coloring Page, one of our readers asked if we could do a bear. Well, as it turns out, bears are a perfect companion to Winter Wonderland Curriculum. So, it didn’t take much encouragement to agree to make a bear coloring page. And, sinceRead More →

A couple of days ago, when the crew was over for Sunday dinner, Pixie asked for a copy of our Primitive Angel Coloring Page to paint. I ran off a copy on water color paper, and she used the water color pencils to color it in. When she was done,Read More →

There have been times in my life when I had so much "stuff" on my walls that it was hard to notice anything in particular. It was my "clutter stage". Now, I’m just the opposite. Maybe it is because our lives are so "cluttered" right now, being in the "sandwich"Read More →

If it seems like we haven’t been cranking out the crafts recently, you are right. We went right from the holidays, to illness to having my house ripped apart. (Not to mention I’ll be leaving mid week next week for a week with the Little Lady on her home turfRead More →

Our winner of the Winter Wonderland Give Away is… Submitted by Kristy on Sat, 01/15/2011 – 10:38. What a nice thing to do! I would share these books with my 3 nature loving, homeschool girls. Congratulations, Kristy. Just send your snail mail address to weefolkart@yahoo.com and we will send itRead More →

EDIT: The Giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced soon. Check back soon for the winner. Good luck one and all 🙂 Here is an email we got a couple days ago from one of our readers: Hello, I have been following your home school curriculum and haveRead More →

  On the 23rd of December I finished up the last of my Christmas knitting and wanted something super simple to work on while visiting with family. This little shawl is what I made over those festive days. I followed the simple pattern Traditional Icelandic Three Cornered Shawl available from Ragga GoesRead More →

Quilting Basics – Part 1 Quilting Basics – Part 2 Quilting Basics – Part 3 Quilting Basics – Part 4 Let's face it, the more we do something, the better we get. Sometimes when we try to explain a technique to someone, we find the chore daunting. We know when the bread has beenRead More →

Quilting Basics – Part 1 Quilting Basics – Part 2 Quilting Basics – Part 3 Quilting Basics – Part 4 Probably the question I get asked MOST is… how do you get your stitches so even. My glib response is usually… years of experience. Although that is true, there are tricksRead More →

Have you been thinking about quilting but not sure how to get started? Like anything else, quilting is not hard if you break it down into small steps and learn a few tricks. This week we are going to be talking about hand quilting, and before the week is over,Read More →

Several years ago Michelle encouraged me to start a blog. Actually, encouraged is a very nice way of saying she was hounding me to start writing. "Mom, I know you’ll love it. It will get you writing on a regular basis, and besides, I want you to write stories about us growing up soRead More →

We get tons of emails from our readers. Sometimes they have questions, sometimes their kind words make us blush, and sometimes they simply WOW us! This falls into the category of WOWing us! I got this email from Jane: I thought you might be interested in the blanket I made as aRead More →

On the surface, Michelle and I are as different as night and day. (Think Gilmore Girls!) By the time Michelle was 5 years old, she always held onto motel keys for me, because I was constantly losing them and Michelle was ALWAYS organized and had a place for everything. ByRead More →

Ahhh, today is our first day getting back into our normal routines. We had a joyful holiday season but as I so often am, I am sooo ready to get into our normal pattern of daily life. We have a few new school books we will be trying out, includingRead More →