February 2012

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  NOTE: The contest is now closed. The winner will be announced here, tomorrow morning 🙂 EDIT: Just once I'd like to post a giveaway without having to go back and edit something. Fortunately, it's always my fault… so I have no one else to blame, hehe. This is VERY important… if take advantage of Daria's 10% discount… and why wouldn't youRead More →

A couple of weeks ago I shared a sweater and hat I knitted for the Little Lady. (Leaving Thursday for a week long visit 🙂 I wanted a little embellishment for the hat, and I made a flower using the material that I will be using to make her 2 pairs of reversible pants. Although I sewed the flower directly on her hat, you couldRead More →

Finished the Kitty Cat. YAY! It was a detour away from all the other things I needed to get done this week, but I am very pleased with it. As a beginner crocheter, I found the pattern easy to follow, and I am every so grateful to Jules at Little Woollie for generously sharing her talents with her readers.  I putRead More →

AND THE WINNER IS… Teryn: Submitted by teryn on Sat, 02/18/2012 – 18:41. Oh, so cute. We love felt foods … and they have some really cute kits! Congrats, Teryn. You are going to be very busy making a plateful of yummy looking Felt Easter Sugar Cookies đź™‚ Please make sure to contact us at weefolkart.com with your snail mailRead More →

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Wishing you a day filled with love and giggles 🙂 Kimara and Michelle   The pattern for our Valentines Peonies can be found HERE.Read More →

Saturday, I saw an adorable crocheted Kitty Cat at Little Woollie. (Adorable blog, BTW.) I thought the Little Lady would love it. Now, I’m not saying I’ve never held a crochet hook before, I even made Crocheted Ball Ornaments for Michelle this past Christmas: but I’m certainly a crocheting noob. When I read over the directions, there were many terms I didn’t understand. So, I linked to the pattern onRead More →

To see the entire Out of the Block | Ice Cream Cone Cookie Cutter series, including pattern for felt applique block and how to make your own cookie cutters click HERE.  I've tasted a lot of sugar cookies in my days, and I have to say, this is by far my very favorite. What makes it so special… a splash of lemon! And I'm a sucker for lemon. WhenRead More →

In our family, rolled cookies mean something special. Because they require more work than drop cookies, we tend to make them at holidays and other days of celebration. Over the years we have acquired many different cookie cutters, but a few years ago we discovered the joy of making our own cookie cutters, and we’ve never lookedRead More →

February is a great time to share sweet treats with all the "sweeties" in our life. And what's sweeter than an ice cream cone with sprinkles on top? Our Ice Cream Cone Applique looks yummy enough to eat!  We added sprinkles using a straight stitch and 6 strands of floss, but you could easily add glass beads for extra glitter. Or, cover in French knots. This appliqueRead More →

EDIT: Okay… this is probably going to tell you more about my personality than anything else I've ever done before… I couldn't live with the dark photos and I re-shot them! (If you didn't see the post earlier, here is the note I included. You can see one of the nasty photos down below: NOTE: Yes… the photos are rather dark. TookRead More →

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to remember… "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love" đź™‚ Get a little gnomey love in your heart by using this desktop wallpaper for the month 🙂 Peace and Love!Read More →

EDIT: We found out Bug actually was on the news as a live report. His daddy and co-workers saw him, although it wasn't recorded. Michigan's official groundhog is named Woody. As it turns out, Woody is not a he, Woody is a she. By the time the Howell Nature Center got intimate enough with her to find out sheRead More →